The freedom to thrive when surrounded by negative people

Life is a perplexing mix of sunshine and storm clouds. But what do you do when the storms seem to overcast your every waking hour, particularly those caused by negative people in your life? Can you thrive in a negative environment? Let’s explore together the steps you need to take to protect your personal space and well-being.

The contagion of negativity

Research reveals that frequent exposure to negative individuals distresses your mental health, sharply decreasing your overall happiness[^1^]. A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology further underlines that negativity is contagious[^2^]. If you find yourself constantly in the company of negative people, you run the risk of assimilating their pessimistic worldview.

You don’t have to let this happen. Proactively prioritise your well-being and set boundaries.

Building positive shields

Here are practical strategies to establish boundaries and ensure your personal space remains a sanctuary for positivity.

Gentle Assertion: Don’t hesitate to assertively communicate your boundaries. Let those negatively affecting your life know how you wish to be treated.

Choose Your Association: Control your environments; limit your exposure to negative influences. Consider reducing the time spent with them.

Self-Care Rituals: Carve out time for self-care activities that bring joy, tranquillity, and fulfilment. Practising a hobby, enjoying nature, or engaging mindfulness promotes positive vibes.

Positive Affiliations: Surround yourself with supportive influences who encourage and uplift you. Proactively seek these relationships in friends, mentors, and community groups.

Standing Firm: It’s not a sin to bat for your team! Defend yourself and uphold your boundaries when your well-being is compromised.

Facilitating Support: A trusted support network of friends, family, or therapists can be a lifeline when you’re negotiating complicated relationships.

The Freedom of Forgiveness: While defending your emotional health is vital, liberate yourself from resentment and anger towards negative individuals by practising forgiveness. This doesn’t mean approval for their behaviour, but a conscious choice to free yourself from the emotional burden of grudges.

Remember—setting boundaries isn’t selfishness; it’s an integral facet of self-care and fostering healthy relationships. Prioritise your well-being, cradle positivity in your life, and watch yourself thrive amidst the storm!

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