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Rich Woman Magazine communicates the values and identity of the Modern Woman.

Who is she?​

What are the things which ignite her passion for life, for family and for her own happiness?As we delve into this complex and fast moving cultural revolution, we bring you the page-turning inside track about the most influential women who are leading the change in today's world!

What does she like?

As we connect you with purposeful leaders, we reveal their unique solutions to prosperity and success. We open the door into the lives of today’s greatest achievers, executives, artists, thought leaders who in their own way are re-imagining the Woman in all her glory!

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Discover a wealth of opportunities to market your brand and products.

Brands & Advertisers

Reach a high value audience through a range of specialised options across different media formats. 

Audience Engagement

Grow revenue by refining marketing to customers that thrive on creation, curation, connection and community

Brand Positioning

Bespoke strategies to maximize your customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness to maximise brand value.

Product Placement

Native advertising strategies including influencer seeding, smart product embedding and storyline relevance.

Content Partners

Providing liquidity in the ever changing publishing industry. Work with us to create engaging content for our audience and yours. 

  • Single Project or Ongoing Basis
  • Content Creation and Link Exchange
  • Cross Promotion on Social

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