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Gems From The Stars: Astrological Insights For Women With Ysanne- January 2021

purple flower covered with snow
As we women have an instinctive link with the stars and the flow of the tides within and outside of us, it is important to recognise the insights into planetary movements during January 2021.The old order starts to get replaced by new values and change. At a personal level we have opportunities to teach and mentor ourselves in better ways and recognise our role in society in new ways. Are you becoming more a rebel, reformer or team player?  How can you make that role wise and caring as well as individualistic?

10 Tips to Survive Corona Love- Part 1

what can help your Love survive Corona?

The corona virus outbreak led to big changes in the way we interact with the people we love and here are a series of tips to survive Corona Love and help your relationships stay healthy during the pandemic.Love is hugely…