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Gems from The Stars: Astrological Insights for Women February 2021

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Women have a natural link with the moon’s cycles and the flow of planetary movements and the month of February, 2021 is no exception. Mercury goes retrograde until the 21st, suggesting we hold off impulsive decisions and, instead, re trace our steps and re visit ideas and plans. Inventive ideas and new contacts and freedoms appear. The New Moon is on 11th and Full Moon on 27th.

Gems From The Stars And Astrological Insights With Ysanne July 2020

July sees the messenger planet, Mercury, in retrograde motion until 12th. Retrograde planets come just at the right time to suggest we pause. It is only the brain that overlooks the quality of pausing, and so our bodies and hearts remind us of this - sometimes even in the form of illnesses - to give us a needed pause. The world is experiencing a big pause now.