Gems from The Stars: Astrological Insights for Women February 2021

Women have a natural link with the moon’s cycles and the flow of planetary movements and the month of February, 2021 is no exception. Mercury goes retrograde until the 21st, suggesting we hold off impulsive decisions and, instead, re trace our steps and re visit ideas and plans. Inventive ideas and new contacts and freedoms appear. The New Moon is on 11th and Full Moon on 27th.

Women have a natural link with the moon’s cycles and the flow of planetary movements and the month of February, 2021 is no exception. Mercury goes retrograde until the 21st, suggesting we hold off impulsive decisions and, instead, re-trace our steps and re-visit ideas and plans. Inventive ideas and new contacts and freedoms appear. The New Moon is on 11th and Full Moon on 27th.

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What is February 2021 bringing to your life? Ysanne is decoding the Astrological Insights for Women. Photo by Takemaru Hirai

Fire Signs


Friendships and team work take precedence this month. People from the past re-appear and new contacts have an air of familiarity about them! The full Moon on 27th sees this likelihood strengthening. February can be a romantic month so give time and space for nurturing yourself and being open to receiving. A friend creates an introduction for you. Return the favour as well when the time is right. An increased understanding of give and take, masculine and feminine approaches, is present. 

Your finances need a bit more balancing. Be aware of impulsive buys- with Mercury retrograde from 2nd to 21st, you may find you may want or need to return them! After the 18th a softer way of approaching problems develops. 


Pacing yourself till later in the month is still advised. You can accomplish much if you do thing with rhythm and flow. Relationships are your priority this month and you will sense how to negotiate and solve any misunderstandings- which can easily arise with Mercury retrograde this month. Ego and co-operative drives need aligning.   Pause before re acting.  They can coexist in harmony! Shine your light and make space for others to do the same; Win–win! A special social event lights you up towards the end of the month.

Make February a creative month for your innovative mind. Don’t overtax your analytical mind; instead honour your intuition and instinct more. It will pay off and engender respect all round.


With communicator planet Mercury in retrograde motion from 2nd to 21st do back things up, do a general MOT and re-edit things. In fact, the prefix ‘re’ is good to use now before words and actions. This applies to us all but especially for you Sagittarians as it is occupying your arena of communication and arrangements and travels/commutes. Check details and small print. After 18th with the Sun in your home arena, maybe a bit of time out to relax and unwind. Less is more then. Short journeys will escalate but, again, be sure arrangements are double checked. Writing may appeal this month.  You can draw on your recall memory well now and help others with ideas and information. 

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Ysanne is taking us into the mysterious world of hopes that only the stars can bring after a dramatic year. What are your wishes this month?
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Earth Signs


With trickster Mercury retrograding in your zone of career this month, be extra clear with details and changes. Steady and reflective progress suits you now. On a lighter note, old opportunities may re- emerge. After 21st you can see more clearly your goals and results. Do you need to change your job? Or add a new skill to the present one? If you do not work the same influence can apply to any activities outside the personal life and how you handle authorities and organisations. Either way, people will be noticing you, suggesting improvements and new avenues of expression! After the 18th a new group activity and friendship develop. Spreading your wings is the message for late winter. It is not a time to be a stick in the mud or too stubborn.


Your ruling planet Mercury is in retrograde motion now till 21st. So… how about re-shuffling day to day activities a bit and avoid over sweating small details and worries? 

Health niggles can be exaggerated now by worry and imagination, so deal with them, then move on. Don’t rush ahead too quickly. Let your metaphorical feet catch up! Your mind can work against you this month so get more grounded in nature and working with your hands. By 19th you will hand over the reins more to others and feel more at peace and laid back. Breathing deeply will aid you and you will find your own innate healing skills surfacing whether with people or animals.


Your finance zone is being highlighted by Mercury going retrograde until the 21st. The air element is strong this month so make sure you are fully present and up to date, not just with money but values and ongoing projects.  Watch the 6th for impulsive behaviour from yourself or another.  

On an easier note Mars is on your side in fellow earth sign Taurus, and you can energise people and make long reaching plans. After 21st treat yourself to culture and pleasures. The last week of February is just right for that, especially from the 26th onwards. Words come easily to you and others flatter you. Writing is well aspected then for you.

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Finding the strength to love yourself is a tall order. But Spring is just around the corner! What are the astrological insights telling you about February 2021?
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Air Signs


Mercury in retrograde motion till 21st may work in your favour as it aligns with the Gemini energy and brings old information back to you to look at and use. Someone from your past re appears and gives you an interesting choice to look at. Planets in airy Aquarius this month speed you along towards goals and pastures new. A place abroad draws you and you are tempted to go there.

A note of caution. Don’t be too clever because things are going well. Take times out to pause and let things settle. Be extra careful to back up data and mot things. You don’t want to lose precious things. Any new purchases can be open to being taken or sent back so be sure you really want them, especially technical or appliances.


Involvement with young people and creative projects can delight you now. You are being drawn to being more centre stage and will be looking at ways to do this. An old or new interest in the arts and culture absorbs you so keep attending live or on line exhibitions and performances. What were your hobbies as a youngster? Can you activate them again and fulfil an old dream? Mercury retrograde till the 21st, keeps you on your toes with arrangements, travel plans and decisions. Use this time till then to listen to the whispers from your higher self and be very present and focused. A romance is there for you this month so be open to it, whether short or long lived. Romance takes many forms so put magic into everyday things. The new moon on 11th is a good time for making a wish intentionally.


Venus is in your sign this month, happily accompanying the Sun in its travels.  Attractions to others occur and you will have a special energy about you – like a magnet.  More visitors abound (if lock down restrictions allow) and certainly you will feel like surrounding yourself with a variety of types of people. People from other backgrounds are useful and enjoyable this month. Boredom will not sit easy with you this month. Returns from the past are likely until the A creative work project comes your way after the 18,th and, the 11th and 12th, when Venus and Jupiter line up, auspicious for meetings and for finance. The 25th is a good date for firming up or manifesting something.  In many ways February brings out your curiosity and capacity for trying new things and ways!

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Women have a natural connection with nature.The Astrological Insights for February 2021 are filled with hope. Photo by Boxed Water Is Better

Water Signs


This is a month for going more deeply into matters. What re-birth or transformation is required from you? What do you feel passionately about and want to bring to public attention? Ideas and causes from the past will rear their heads whilst Mercury is retrograde till 21st. Ancestry and family matters need some healing and attention and after the 18th you will feel the pull to either travel or to link with some foundation, charity or an important cause for you. Around the full moon in Virgo on the 27th this will come together and get going. A sense of team effort strengthens and grows. Your spiritual side guides you more after 19th and you realise you are never alone! A bequest of some kind may well be coming your way this month. You will know how to use it!


Whatever your home is like, you will be feeling the draw to make creative changes. Choosing who you want in it in the form of visitors and the like will be important. A family member- maybe older- needs your help, and your emotional power is very empowering. The new moon on the 11th amplifies this. Taking time for you is important this month. Mercury retrograde till 21st, causes you to reflect more and process things. Your mind can get over active otherwise and little mishaps can occur. Remember to breathe deeply and get outdoors more. That is where you will feel more space within yourself and get a perspective. The Sun entering a fellow water sign, Pisces, on the 18th, helps you to honour that time for solitude. Creative pursuits become important then.


With Mercury retrograding this month until the 21st, your listening skills and creative talents are to the fore. Music and performers need all the help they can get at present, so bring your skills, attendance and support to them this month. If musical yourself bring that alive in your own home. Someone from the past pops up and you will feel quite a soul connection with them. The full moon in your opposite sign, Virgo, on the 27th helps you get a perspective on a matter where you feel confused.  A partner or associate needs your help or advice then. After the 18th when the Sun enters your sign, give more time to you and your needs. You can move forward better then, balancing your wishes with those of others. This is a month of choosing to get more rest. Cat naps help a lot!

Ysanne Lewis
Ysanne Lewis

YSANNE LEWIS is a UK and London based Timing Adviser, Astrologer, Speaker and Author.
Her work spans 40 years and she celebrated her ruby work anniversary earlier in 2019. She has clientele here and in the USA, Asia, Europe and South Africa.  Working with individuals, families and businesses, she seamlessly weaves the meanings of cycles, timings and patterns in educational, inspirational and humour-filled ways into the beautiful tapestry which is Life. She acts as a bridge and navigator between the maps of the heavens and our inner landscapes and their timekeepers. 

 Her consultations are for individuals, relationships,  optimum timing for events social, business and  for start ups, children’s birth charts and for re location. Ysanne is also a colour therapist.

She is the award winning author of “THE TIME CATCHER”How to time your actions to turn challenges into opportunities.’   Part of the proceeds from the sales of this book will aid the eye clinic in Spiti Valley India.

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