Gems From The Stars and Astrological Insights For Women With Ysanne- November 2020

With dynamic Mars retrograde from September 10th till November 14th, it might be useful to know where it is at work in your horoscope dependant on your time, as well as date, of birth!  But wherever it is rest assured it is a major player now for re working your strategies and decisions. It is a good time for perspective on matters and choosing how you react. Look back to June – August 2018 when it was last retrograde and maybe see connections and learn from them?

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With kindness and generosity, Ysanne shares her astrological insights for women into November 2020 stars Photo by Olga Subach

November activates our inner passion and zeal; courage and enthusiasm are heightened, especially after the 4th when Mercury goes direct and provides clarity where needed. After 22nd when the Sun enters Sagittarius a desire for learning and even travel heightens. The new moon is on 15th November and the full moon on 30th.  New tactics for decision making are due.

Fire Signs


November sees your inner fire slowly building and then brightly burning in the last week. Your ruler Mars, although remaining in Aries till next January, goes direct in motion on 14th. What a relief as you can assert yourself after then with much more clarity and confidence.Goals and a sense of purpose accompany you this month. More directness pays off especially after 14th and you won’t have much patience for wish washy people.  The 8th needs care though with impulsive responses. Clearing the decks helps.


November brings people back from your past and the desire to re visit places. Plan well and later in the month sees positive encounters with individuals and locations. Later in the month with the Sun moving into a fellow fire sign- Sagittarius- the playful side of you emerges. Be as creative as you can now and live in the moment.  You will be in demand for social activities.  Light their fire and energise their potentials.  Children surround you or your thoughts more and you can help them a lot more than you think.


November is your month of course, once you get to the last week and into December. But even in the first three weeks there is much to gain and experience. After 14th you can get back into gear and use your insights and meetings effectively. Jupiter aligns with Pluto and you will be a force to be reckoned with. How do you want to use your power? With discernment, might be a good choice! It is important you use this month of your birth wisely as what you do might turn into romance or a friend might introduce you to an attractive mate if single.

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Nature is slowly showing its true colours. What will November’s stars bring to you? Ysanne‘s insights are delivering the good news. Photo by Lucas Kepner

Earth Signs


November sees important and necessary realisations about your current one on one relationships. In recent weeks you have inwardly cleared the air for letting go and pruning matters. Now is the time to implement them on the outer level. It won’t be till mid November that areas where you have felt frustrated will release so be patient till then. The new moon on 15th in Scorpio sees you reaching new agreements with a certain someone.


November ushers in flowing conversations and new contacts. People from the past or not see or heard from for a while may have recently been re-appearing, and now is the time for seeing what and whom you want in your life. Being a little ruthless with your wants and needs pays off as you get into mid month. Neighbours and siblings play a bigger part than usual now.  Interesting conversations and secrets emerge as a result. Especially around the 15th on the new moon.  The last week of November energises your home and domestic life. A visitor is due, or could get invited, and a reshuffling of how you live.


November sees the door opening wider to allow you to have greater respect from your peers and advancement. On the home front this also applies.  Friends and associates want you to help them out and organise things socially, whether on line or in person. The 1st and 2nd November see an energised discussion with someone. Don’t come on too strong then or there could be a misunderstanding.  After 14th, you can initiate an idea which will be approved by others. The desire to make a difference in society, or with a cause, increases. You have a defined role here even if you don’t know that yet! 

Air Signs


November holds a mixture of intensity and light heartedness for you, and indeed, why not both? You have a great capacity to contain and honour the shadow and the light and to juggle worlds. After 4th work matters or duties take a turn and previously unseen material or information comes to light. This will help with decisions. 

If single, or in the performance world, opportunities to shine your light crop up. Enjoy these, as you can influence people now. Your mentoring skills are finely honed now. Your love of words and observation powers are happily employed now.


November sees an emphasis being placed on your resources, earning or building- up power, and, with Venus entering your sign until the 22nd, you have the influence internally now to generate what you want. Make sure those things reflect your values and heart!  The balance between giving and receiving is what this month is about for you.

You feel the need to have more permanence and substance emotionally in your life and now is the time to nurture and welcome such beautiful energies. Appreciation is your keyword now.  Someone from your past wants to make contact.  They have something to share and to rectify.


November is an enticing month career wise for you. Seeds planted in October bear fruit now and after the 4th an opportunity you thought had gone rears its head again.   When dynamic Mars goes direct after two months retrograde, on 14th, how you speak and teach becomes more powerful and influential.  Whether in personal or professional life this will be apparent.  Someone in authority wants your attention or assistance and timing is perfect for this.  A parent or older generation family member is keen to see you. Don’t forget them!  After 23rd friendships and team work and groups take up more time. You feel the need to be part of a team and contribute.

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Would November take you to a better place? Ysanne‘s insights are inspiring as November unveils its beauty. Photo by Filip Eliasson

Water Signs


November allows you to feel comfortable playing the counsellor and adviser. A family member spends more time around you, and the nurturing theme works both ways! The new moon on 15th is a good date for a party, even if socially distanced or online. You will enjoy it. After 22nd when the sun enters fiery Sagittarius, work matters or projects take up your time more so pace yourself when you can and be mindful of health. You cannot be all things to all people!


November is your month for moving ahead as the sun is in the ascendant of your horoscope, especially after 4th and even more so after 14th.  Your ruler Pluto aspects the sun around the 14th so use the following days to empower your projects and emotional life. Your charisma is high so enjoy the responses to it.The new moon on 15th sees the start of a new you and you will find throughout November that things come your way surprisingly easily. Lovely Venus enters Scorpio for 24 days on 21st enhancing your money earning and magnetism. Do use this month to your advantage.


November is the month for feeling more relaxed and on top of things. Your mind is very clear and you can help others to forge ahead. Emphasis this month on the fellow water sign of Scorpio, helps to strengthen your resolve when needed and regeneration powers. 

 Your magnetism is high and romance may be on the cards at home or socially. Again, the theme of travel or abroad connections shows its head and whether it is learning a language, travelling or learning, advancement is assured in November.

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With dynamic Mars retrograde from September 10th till November 14th, it might be useful to know where it is at work in your horoscope dependant on your time, as well as date, of birth!  But wherever it is rest assured it is a major player now for re working your strategies and decisions. It is a good time for perspective on matters and choosing how you react. Look back to June - August 2018 when it was last retrograde and maybe see connections and learn from them?

Ysanne Lewis
Ysanne Lewis

YSANNE LEWIS is a UK and London based Timing Adviser, Astrologer, Speaker and Author.
Her work spans 40 years and she celebrated her ruby work anniversary earlier in 2019. She has clientele here and in the USA, Asia, Europe and South Africa.  Working with individuals, families and businesses, she seamlessly weaves the meanings of cycles, timings and patterns in educational, inspirational and humour-filled ways into the beautiful tapestry which is Life. She acts as a bridge and navigator between the maps of the heavens and our inner landscapes and their timekeepers. 

 Her consultations are for individuals, relationships,  optimum timing for events social, business and  for start ups, children’s birth charts and for re location. Ysanne is also a colour therapist.

She is the award winning author of “THE TIME CATCHER”How to time your actions to turn challenges into opportunities.’   Part of the proceeds from the sales of this book will aid the eye clinic in Spiti Valley India.

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