Kelly Kingston: It’s Time to Unmute your Strength through Self-Empowerment

Women empowerment is just wishful thinking without Self-empowerment. No progress is possible outside a woman's intentional decision to unmute her voice from within, regardless of society's judgments and social conditioning. There are not many teachers for women's Self-empowerment in the world but Australian Kelly Kingston is one of them and her movement "It's Time to Unmute!" is the map for change within.

Voices of women have been stifled for centuries and despite the noise around women empowerment, not much progress was made in real life possible. Recent official reports suggest that gender equality may be a reality in the distant future, potentially hundreds of years from now. What are the complex social implications towards achieving this dream? Generations of women before us couldn’t even dare to imagine such a world without fearing the consequences of their aspirations. The pursuit of gender equality is a noble and ongoing struggle, but it prompts us to reflect on whether endlessly discussing women’s empowerment are baring results or it is time to accept that self-empowerment is what we need to focus on instead?

After interviewing thousands of women I finally understand that women empowerment is just wishful thinking without Self-empowerment. No progress is possible outside a woman’s intentional decision to unmute her voice from within, regardless of society’s judgments and social conditioning. Accepting your talent, recognising your reason for being comes with the responsibility to be intentional about your your role in shaping the world from within, not as a result of pier pressure or to fulfill others expectations.

There are not many teachers for women’s Self-empowerment but Australian Kelly Kingston is one of them. When we talk we always joke about her speaking from the future, from a time beyond London’s current era, suggesting a remarkable level of foresight and vision. In truth, her unapologetic authenticity is defined by her determination to rewrite this narrative. Kelly created a new movement and I want to share the good news with you straight away: “It’s Time to Unmute!” was launched last week and designed to encourage women to embrace their strength, self-worth and uniqueness, for a 8 week series of Inspired, Empowered and Motivated women. Her message resonates with us and decided to chronicle every step of the way to inspire our readers to rise above challenges, support one another and unapologetically be yourself. In this exclusive interview, we explored Kelly’s “It’s Time to Unmute!” movement and the power of self-empowerment she shares with women everywhere.

The Historical Context of Gender Inequality

The history of gender inequality is deeply ingrained in societal norms, prejudices and systemic discrimination. Women, for centuries, were relegated to restrictive roles, denied education, suffrage and career opportunities. The fight for women’s rights, while undoubtedly significant and ongoing, raises the question of whether empowerment should be directed towards women or whether it is, in fact, women disempowering themselves.

The concept of women’s self- empowerment is fundamentally about overcoming the historical, cultural and structural barriers that have constrained women’s potential for generations. It is not about women asking others to empower them; rather, it recognizes that society has systematically disempowered women by imposing gender roles, stereotypes and expectations.

Women’s Self-empowerment seeks to redress this imbalance, enabling women to reclaim their autonomy, make choices free from coercion, and access the same opportunities and rights as men; it is a reclamation of power long withheld from within.

The Role of Self-Empowerment

Self-empowerment complements the journey towards gender equality. It involves individuals, regardless of gender, realizing their inner potential and gaining the confidence to act upon it. It is an essential component of self-awareness and self-compassion that can help women overcome self-doubt and societal pressures.

Self-empowerment alone cannot address the systemic inequalities that have perpetuated gender disparities for centuries. It is vital to recognize that the pursuit of gender equality requires a two-fold approach. While women’s empowerment seeks to dismantle the external barriers that hinder women’s progress, self-empowerment is a very personal choice to recognize self- worth and capabilities.

Reframing Empowerment: A Holistic Approach

Rather than framing women’s empowerment as an external influence, we could adopt a more holistic perspective and focus on self- empowerment, in its full sense, a journey that combines self-actualization with collective action. It involves enabling every woman to overcome self-limiting beliefs and social conditioning while simultaneously advocating for societal change.

Women’s Self-empowerment is the vehicle through which women can challenge and dismantle the systems and structures that perpetuate gender inequality. Self-empowerment is a critical tool that allows women to break free from internalized barriers and become active participants in their own lives and the larger movement for gender equality.

The question of gender equality comes down to recognizing the intersection of self-empowerment and women’s role in society. These two concepts are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary. Women’s empowerment addresses systemic inequalities, while self-empowerment fosters personal growth and self-confidence.

The road to gender equality may be long and complex, but ask yourself: Is it worth creating a world where gender equality is not a dream for a distant future but a reality that we can see and experience in our lifetime?

Kelly Kingston: Women Unmute their Strength though Self-Empowerment

What are the milestones for self-empowerment?

Kelly’s journey toward empowering women began with a simple yet profound message: “Never underestimate your strength. You are the authors of your own story, and every challenge you face is an opportunity to rise higher.” She believes that every woman has an innate power within her, waiting to be unleashed. To Kelly, being unstoppable means embracing life’s challenges and using them as stepping stones to success.

Your Worth is Defined by You

For Kelly, self-worth is a cornerstone of empowerment. “Your worth is not defined by anyone else’s standards” she emphasizes. Kelly encourages women to embrace their uniqueness, pursue their dreams, and never settle for less than they deserve. Her message is clear: every woman is enough just as she is.

Sisterhood and Support

Kelly firmly believes that women can achieve incredible things when they build each other up. “Strong women build each other up, not tear each other down,” she says. Her vision of a sisterhood where women support, inspire, and empower one another is at the heart of the Unmute movement. It’s about women coming together and celebrating each other’s successes.

Owning Your Voice

To Kelly, women must not be afraid to take up space and own their voices. “Your ideas, dreams, and aspirations are valid and worth pursuing,” she asserts. She advocates for women to speak their truth and watch their world transform. It’s all about owning your voice and making it heard.

Resilience is Your Superpower

“Life is a journey,” says Kelly, “and every step you take is a testament to your resilience.” She encourages women to embrace their journeys, learn from challenges, and keep moving forward. Kelly firmly believes that a woman’s strength is her superpower, allowing her to conquer any obstacle.

Unique Beauty and Self-Confidence

In a world that often places unrealistic beauty standards on women, Kelly’s message is a breath of fresh air. “Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages,” she reminds us. Kelly encourages women to embrace their unique beauty and radiate confidence from within. Her message is a powerful reminder that every woman is a masterpiece, just the way she is.

Dream Big and Conquer Self-Doubt

Kelly’s unwavering support for women also extends to their dreams. “Your dreams may be big, but so is your potential,” she says. Kelly advises women not to let fear or self-doubt hold them back. Instead, she urges them to take one step at a time and watch themselves achieve the extraordinary.

Celebrate Every Victory

“Celebrate your victories, no matter how small they may seem,” Kelly stresses. Every accomplishment is a stepping stone to greatness. Kelly’s message is one of continuous self-celebration and a reminder to keep pushing forward.

Empowerment: A Continuous Journey

In her closing message, Kelly makes it clear that empowerment is not a destination but a continuous journey of growth and self-discovery. “Embrace every opportunity to learn, evolve, and become the powerful woman you are meant to be,” she says. Kelly’s Unmute movement is a beacon of hope, guiding women through this empowering journey of self-discovery and growth.

Choose Authenticity

Finally, in a world filled with choices, Kelly encourages women to be kind, strong, and unapologetically themselves. “Your authenticity is your power, and it’s a gift to the world,” she reminds us. Kelly’s mission is to inspire women to shine as their authentic selves, leaving a positive impact on the world.

Kelly Kingston’s ” It’s Time to Unmute” movement is a map for change within, nurturing women’s self-empowerment, self-love and unity. Her belief that every woman is a force to be reckoned with has ignited a fire within countless women, inspiring them to take charge of their lives, support one another and be unapologetically authentic. With each message she shares, Kelly Kingston inspires women to rise, shine and make their mark in a world that is ready to hear their voices. It’s Time to Unmute – a movement that’s creating unstoppable women, one powerful message at a time.

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