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5 Best Leadership Practices for Driving Gender Equity 

What are the 5 Best Leadership Practices for Driving Gender Equity 
Eva Rosa Santos, the founder of Female Leadership Angola, keeps the fingers on the pulse of Leadership, Inclusion, Diversity and Gender Equity: "On May 30th, 2024, we made history with the inaugural Forum on Female Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion in Luanda, Angola, bringing together 200 champions of gender equity from various industries." This remarkable event ignited crucial discussions and inspired actionable strategies for driving gender equity.

Lúcia de Palma on Female Leadership

Lúcia de Palma on Female Leadership

We Can All Sow Seeds to Improve Our Reality In a recent interview with Lucia de Palma, a prominent advocate for gender equality and leadership development, the conversation focused on the multifaceted challenges that women face in their journey towards…

Kelly Kingston: It’s Time to Unmute your Strength through Self-Empowerment

Kelly Kingston: Women Unmute their Strength though Self-Empowerment
Women empowerment is just wishful thinking without Self-empowerment. No progress is possible outside a woman's intentional decision to unmute her voice from within, regardless of society's judgments and social conditioning. There are not many teachers for women's Self-empowerment in the world but Australian Kelly Kingston is one of them and her movement "It's Time to Unmute!" is the map for change within.