Women Leaders Overcome Prejudice Using Self-Awareness

women are constantly put under the magnifying glass, often feeling the weight of prejudices and biases. I want you to know that you are not alone. Dr Marina Nani is exploring the one tool you already have to alleviate prejudice: Self-awareness

How many times have you, as a woman, felt scrutinised more than your male counterparts? It’s a common, almost natural narrative, even in leadership positions, where women are constantly put under the magnifying glass, often feeling the weight of prejudices and biases. I want you to know that you are not alone. Many women face the same exact challenges in various circumstances. But what if I told you there’s a powerful tool that could help you navigate through this murky and turbulent water? One that’s already within you—self-awareness.

Break the Glass Ceiling: Women Leaders Harness Self-Awareness

We live in a society that often projects its own comfortable stereotypes on to everyone. Even in leadership roles, women are not exempted. This is well encapsulated by the role incongruity theory, which suggests that societal expectations of women often do not align with traditional views of leadership. As a result, women face two forms of prejudices. First, being a woman could indicate being less suitable for a leadership position in the minds of traditionalists. Second, even when in leadership positions, women’s actions face higher scrutiny than those of men.

Turning the Tide With Self-Awareness

Being aware of your own emotions, strengths, weaknesses, desires and your impact on others a game-changer for women in leadership roles. Self-awareness helps you identify and counter biases and prejudices in your leadership journey. This calls for a change in perspectives, doesn’t it? How do you anchor self-awareness in your day to day experiences?

Anchor One:Empathy

Women often have an inherent ability to empathise and engage in quality conversations. As a woman leader, you can use it to your advantage to inculcate an inclusive environment that welcomes diverse perspectives.

Anchor Two: Agile Leadership

Approaching leadership with agility means valuing adaptability, clarity of purpose, collaboration and the ability to be your authentic self in any circumstances. It might be difficult to maintain a positive attitude and humility, especially when prejudices get the best of the situations. But trust me, this mindset works wonders in identifying and mitigating unconscious bias.

Anchor Three:Resilience

Resilience is the heart of your strength. Friendships and supportive relationships can act as your safety net, offering collective strength when you encounter challenging situations. These relationships can form your bastion against bias and discrimination.

Aligning your leadership style with your core values can have profound effects. It can enhance your authenticity, enabling you to stand by yourself and others. This can challenge the existing norms effectively, giving you the foothold you need in leadership roles.

Charting Your Course: Practical Steps

Are you ready to actively combat prejudice? Here are some steps:

  1. Engage in continuous self-reflection. Understand how your own biases may be influencing your leadership.
  2. Encourage open discussions about bias and discriminate in the workplace, spreading awareness among all employees.
  3. Stand up for policies that support diversity and ensure their effective implementation.
  4. Be you- share your experiences and strategies for overcoming prejudice.
  5. Leverage your emotional intelligence to build rapport and positively sway the organizational culture.

Beyond the Fog: Closing Thoughts

Women leaders with self-awareness have the ability to transform the narrative around prejudice. By understanding your own biases, empathising with others, practising agile leadership, building networks, and self-advocating, you hold the power to ripple effect that challenges discriminatory practices. The path to leadership equality is a collective journey, and self-aware women leaders like you are at the vanguard of this transformative movement.

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Dr Marina Nani
Dr Marina Nani

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