Beyond Make-up and Beauty: Look and Feel Your Best During Your Holiday

From glammed-up divas to minimalists who prefer to let their natural beauty shine, every woman desires to look and feel her best during their next holiday. It can become more complex as we age, with fine lines and wrinkles adding character to your skin. The beauty experts are far from being silent on the matter. There always ready to give us with the solutions to amplify our grace, accentuating our features while diminishing age’s tell-tale signs.

Among these instruments, foundation is a larger than life industry. But not all foundations are equal— some highlight those lines we’d rather keep in the background. Let’s explore the world of beauty, the best foundation types, why some can accentuate wrinkles, and pro skincare tips to ensure a flawless application every time. If, like me, you love nature and protecting nature‘s pristine beauty makes you feel good, keep reading, as we share a few tips on avoiding plastic pollution.

Tips and Hacks to reduce wrinkles: what’s the best foundation type

Liquid foundations, specifically those with a satin finish, are considered the best for mature skin. Why? The answer lies in their formula and finish. These foundations have a delicate balance of oil and water, offering a smooth and even application. They are designed to hold onto moisture and allow your skin to breathe.

Their finish, satin, is the golden mean between matte and dewy, offering just the right amount of glow without looking overly oily or flat. It effectively diffuses light, helping to blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Products containing hyaluronic acid are a bonus, as they hydrate the skin, reducing the depth and visibility of wrinkles.

Notable mention: BB creams. They’re lighter and provide moisturizing benefits, perfect for everyday use, or when you’re after a more natural look.

Unfortunately, powder and certain matte foundations can inadvertently age us. They tend to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, making them more noticeable instead of blurring them. This effect occurs because these products are designed to absorb oil and provide a flat finish, ideal for younger, oily skin types. But, as we age, our skin tends to become drier. The drying nature of powder and matte foundations can exacerbate fine lines, emphasizing texture and wrinkles.

Steps to prep your skin for better foundation application

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Aging skin loses its ability to retain moisture. Ensure you are drinking enough water and using a hydrating moisturizer daily. Look for products containing hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin hold water.
  2. Exfoliate Regularly: Removing dead skin cells allows for smoother application and aids in the absorption of skincare products. However, be careful not to over-exfoliate, as this can lead to dryness and irritation. Opt for gentle exfoliators suitable for mature skin.
  3. Always Use Primer: Primer creates a smooth canvas for foundation, preventing it from settling into lines. It also helps your makeup last longer. Choose a hydrating or illuminating primer to add an extra layer of glow.
  4. Embrace a Good Skincare Routine: Good skincare is the best preparation for makeup. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing daily, along with regular use of serums and eye creams, will ensure your skin is at its best before you even reach for the makeup.
  5. Sun Protection: Over time, sun damage can accentuate signs of aging. Always use a sunscreen or a makeup product with SPF protection.

By understanding your skin’s needs and how different products react with it, you can master the art of makeup at any age. Remember, the best foundation you can wear is glowing, healthy skin. Beauty is not about covering up but about enhancing what you already have. So, love your skin

Nurturing your natural beauty without polluting the beauty of our planet

As we navigate the beauty industry’s complex world, looking after our environment is a crucial element we should not overlook. Packaging contributes significantly to plastic pollution, and beauty products are no exception. Each year, the beauty industry produces over 120 billion units of packaging globally, most of which are not recyclable.

So, how can we continue to enjoy our beauty regimes while minimizing environmental impact? Here are some tips to help you maintain an eco-conscious beauty routine:

1. Opt for Brands with Sustainable Packaging:

Many brands are recognizing the importance of sustainable packaging and incorporating recyclable or biodegradable materials. Look for products packaged in glass, metal, or recycled and recyclable plastics. Brands that use minimal packaging or offer refillable options are also good choices.

2. DIY Beauty Products:

Homemade beauty products can be a fun and eco-friendly alternative. By creating your skincare products, you can control what goes into them, and you can use reusable containers, reducing the need for plastic packaging.

3. Reuse Containers:

Get creative with your empty product containers. Small jars can be reused for storing jewelry or travel-sized toiletries. Larger containers can be used for storage in your bathroom or vanity.

4. Use Solid or Bar Products:

Many companies offer solid versions of products traditionally packaged in plastic. From shampoo and conditioner to body lotion and even foundation, you can find almost anything in a bar format. These products usually come in cardboard packaging or no packaging at all, reducing plastic waste.

5. Participate in Recycling Programs:

Certain brands run recycling programs where you can return used product containers. The company will then recycle or repurpose these containers. Some even offer incentives for participating in these programs.

6. Buy in Bulk:

Purchasing beauty products in bulk reduces the amount of packaging waste produced. Be sure, however, to buy only the amount you can realistically use before the product expires.

7. Digital Activism:

Use your voice to promote and request more sustainable practices within the beauty industry. Many companies are responsive to consumer feedback and will take action if enough people demand change.

It’s essential to remember that every little bit helps. While it might not be possible to eliminate all plastic from your beauty routine, making mindful choices can significantly reduce your environmental footprint. Just as we strive to enhance our beauty, we could also preserve the beauty of our planet for generations to come. After all, true beauty extends beyond our reflection in the mirror—it’s also in the respect and care we show our environment.

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