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Rich Monday Paper- What Drives You to Start a New Day?

Rich Monday Paper- Whar drives you to start a new day?
Rich Monday Paper - What Drives You to Start A New Day? Inspired by Margaret Leng Tan who continues to defy expectations and push the boundaries of musical expression, she invites audiences to embark on a mesmerising journey into the unknown, guided by the boundless creativity and vision of a true musical maverick.

Rich Monday Paper- What Shapes Your Identity?

Rich Monday Paper-What Shapes Your Identity?
Inspired by Carolina Shiino, every page of the 10th edition of Rich Monday Paper is an invitation to explore what shapes your identity. From cultural heritage to personal experiences, our identities are a mosaic of factors that define our individuality. We hope that curating this selection of lifestyle solutions will enrich your mind and soul.

Rich Monday Paper- Who’s Story is This?

Rich Monday Paper- Who's Story is This?
Inspired by Judith Light who is sharing her Light at the Sundance Film Festival - we open the door into a different kind of Monday, living behind the Blues before you enter a Peach Fuzz Garden. Before you go anywhere, ask yourself: Whose story is THIS?