How to Feel Happier in Your Forties than in Your Twenties

The forties can be a turning point in your sense of self. This might be the time when you truly hit your stride. Happiness editor Paula Delgado looks into Your forties and can be a time of profound personal growth, health and happiness.

Have you ever questioned the myth that your twenties were your peak years? It’s a common misconception. But, let me tell you, as a woman in your forties, you have the potential to surpass this so-called peak. Your forties can be a time of profound personal growth, health and happiness. So, let’s journey together through the most empowering decade of your life.

Exercise Reimagining Yourself

The first hurdle to overcome is your definition of ‘peak fitness.’ Instead of looking back towards youthful vim and vigour as your best phase, redirect your focus to overall well-being. Strive to feel good and look better from the inside out. Do you recall how you felt physically in your twenties? I bet you can certainly do better in your forties. Give yourself permission to redefine your fitness peak and achieve more at this stage of life than you ever did before .

Celebrate Your Sense of Self

The forties can be a turning point in your sense of self. This might be the time when you truly hit your stride. The exploratory dash of your twenties and the establishment of personal and career pillars in your thirties lead to a blossoming in your forties. Here, all your gathered self-understanding and life experience begin to yield substantial dividends.

Mid-Life Mindset Shifts

Pay close attention to those small changes in your health. Do you need reading glasses? Are you experiencing disrupted sleep? Treat these as gentle reminders, nudging you towards proactive health management rather than seeing them as indicators of decline.

Have your heard about the “U-shaped” happiness curve? It suggests that happiness can seemingly dip in your forties. But this doesn’t need to scare you. Understanding this as a common trend can actually empower you to challenge it, thus ensuring you keep working on your life satisfaction levels during this phase.

Foster Healthy Habits

As you stride towards your fifties, maintain the healthy habits cultivated in your forties. Intensify your dedication to your diet, engage in a regular aerobic exercise routine, tone your muscles, and incorporate regular health checks into your routine. Proactive habits like these lay the foundation for continued well-being .

Cultivate Financial Health

Your forties offer the chance to build financial security. This decade invites the setting of financial goals which could lead to a stress-free life. Do you realise how integral financial well-being is to your overall happiness? It could provide a sense of security and freedom you might not have experienced before.

As a mother, you can indeed uplift your forties to a level higher than your twenties. This is possible through redefining your fitness peak, celebrating your maturity, responding to mid-life changes proactively, combating the U-shaped happiness curve, sticking to healthy habits, and focusing on your financial well-being. The forties is a decade laden with the promise of fulfilment. Reach out, embrace it.

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Paula Delgado
Paula Delgado

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