In Vino Veritas: The Power of a Shared Glass of Wine

What your wine says about you? Lucilda Stewart 's debut article In Vino Veritas, explores the profound connections forged over a shared glass of wine. From bold reds to crisp whites, your choice reveals your personality, preferences, and readiness for adventure. Discover the unspoken language of wine and its power to unite souls.

In Vino Veritas, they say. A phrase that echoes through the ages, it rolls off the tongue with an air of ancient wisdom. Translated from Latin, it means, “In wine, there is truth.” But as we go deeper into the world of wine, we soon discover that the truth held within this elixir is far from singular. There is more than one truth in wine, for the choice of wine we make reveals the unique choices of our pallet, our experiences, and our very essence and identity.

Wine, beyond being a drink we trust with the truth, is a gate into the soul. It is a glimpse into the complex lifestyle choices, a reflection of our personalities, and a vault of our stories. In each bottle, there is a narrative waiting to be uncorked, a hidden truth yearning to be discovered.

As we peel back the layers of the Latin maxim and unearth the multifaceted truths that wine has to offer, every sip tells a story. Beyond the grapes and the terroir lies a series of revelations that could help us decipher the myriad truths concealed within our choices. There is more than one truth in every glass.

The selection of wine, our drinking habits, and the way we pair it with our meals or gastronomic creativity can also convey aspects of our identity, akin to the non-verbal language expressed through our body and gestures.

Let’s discover together the magic behind our award-winning labels, and celebrate the profound beauty of sharing a glass of wine. 

The Science Behind Excellence

Spain is the world’s second-largest wine producer, with over 3.4 million acres of vineyards, while Argentina boasts the highest vineyard altitude, reaching up to 9,800 feet.

In Spain, where tradition runs deep and history is etched into every vineyard, we discover the essence of winemaking. It’s a land where Tempranillo, Garnacha, and other indigenous grapes are nurtured to create bold reds and crisp whites. The terroir whispers stories of centuries past, and it’s this connection to the land that infuses our wines with character.

Spain’s Rioja region is famous for its extended ageing, with over 30% of its wines aged for more than five years, while Argentina’s Mendoza region basks in over 300 sunny days annually, providing optimal growing conditions.

Crafting exceptional wines requires a meticulous understanding of science. Our Spanish wines benefit from extended ageing, where the alchemy of oak barrels and grape chemistry transforms ordinary wines into extraordinary ones. In Argentina, the unique interplay of altitude and sunlight allows grapes to ripen slowly, unlocking flavours and aromas that are truly enchanting.

In Argentina, the Andes Mountains provide the dramatic backdrop to a thriving wine scene. The high-altitude vineyards yield Malbecs of unparalleled depth and complexity. Here, the spirit of innovation and the pursuit of perfection blend seamlessly, culminating in wines that captivate the world.

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The Power of a Shared Glass of Wine: Celebrating Life’s Best Moments

Wine is not just a drink; it’s a medium of celebration, connection, and reflection. It has the power to transcend boundaries and create lasting memories. Wine is the drink of celebration. We raise our glasses to toast each other, commemorate the past, and welcome the future. It helps bring us together. Wine never tastes quite as good when we drink it alone.

Sharing a bottle of wine is an experience that transcends the liquid in the glass. It’s about the laughter, the stories, and the connections forged over time. Whether it’s a cosy dinner with loved ones or a grand celebration with friends, wine is the bridge that unites us in our collective journey through life.

In vino veritas – in wine, there is truth, it reveals the beauty of the moment and the depth of our relationships. As winemakers of Spanish and Argentinian wines, we invite you to join us in this remarkable journey of discovery. Raise your glass, savour the flavours, and celebrate life’s most precious moments. Because, in the end, it’s the shared experiences that make wine truly exceptional.

What Your Choice of Wine Says About You

The choice of wine reflects a person’s tastes, personality, and even their approach to life. The type of wine you prefer to drink can reveal intriguing insights about who you are. So, let’s uncork the bottle of personality analysis and explore what your wine choice may reveal:

1. Red Wine Aficionado:

  • You’re a Classic:* If you gravitate toward red wines like Shiraz and Malbec or Pinot Noir, you likely appreciate timeless elegance. You embrace the classics and savour life’s finer moments.
  • You’re Passionate:* Red wine lovers are often associated with passion and intensity. You bring that same passion to your pursuits, whether it’s your career or your hobbies.

2. White Wine Enthusiast:

  • You’re Vibrant: White wine drinkers tend to be cheerful and adaptable, like the crisp and refreshing qualities of their favourite wines.
  • You’re Sociable: You enjoy socialising and bringing people together, just as a chilled Chardonnay can bring a sense of togetherness on a warm evening.

3. Rosé Romantic:

  • You’re Optimistic:* Rosé enthusiasts often have a sunny outlook on life. You appreciate life’s simple pleasures and savour every moment.
  • You’re Versatile:* Like the versatile nature of rosé, you have an adaptable and easygoing personality, making you a great companion in various settings.

4. Sparkling Wine Devotee:

  • You’re Celebratory:* Those who adore sparkling wines like Champagne or Prosecco have a penchant for celebrating life’s milestones, no matter how small.
  • You’re Bubbly:* Much like the effervescence in your glass, you bring a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to everything you do.

5. Adventurous Wine Explorer:

  • You’re Curious: If you enjoy exploring lesser-known wine regions and grape varieties, you likely have a curious and open-minded nature.
  • You’re an Explorer: Just as you’re willing to venture into uncharted wine territories, you’re unafraid of exploring new experiences in life.

6. Sweet Wine Lover:

  • You’re Nurturing: Sweet wine enthusiasts often have a nurturing personality. You find joy in taking care of others and creating a warm, welcoming environment.
  • You’re Sentimental: Sweet wines often evoke memories and nostalgia, and you may be sentimental by nature, cherishing special moments and connections.

7. Natural and Organic Wine Advocate:

  • You’re Health-Conscious: Those who prefer natural and organic wines typically have a strong interest in health and sustainability.
  • You’re Mindful: You’re conscious of your impact on the environment and strive to make choices that align with your values.

It’s important to note that while these associations can offer some insights, personal preferences for wine can be quite diverse. Ultimately, your choice of wine is a reflection of your unique tastes and experiences. So, the next time you raise your glass, take a moment to savour not just the wine but also the story it tells about you. Cheers to the multifaceted world of wine and the richness it brings to our lives! 

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Lucilda Stewart
Lucilda Stewart

The founder of Stewart Hill Walker UK Limited, Lucilda Stewart has a vision that born fruit. Her wines, Orchida Negra from Spain and Malbec from Argentina, have earned prestigious recognition, winning SILVER in the US Wine Ratings 2023. This achievement stands as a testament to Lucilda’s unyielding dedication and the dynamic team she has cultivated.

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