Mindful Travel- The 4-Day Glacier and Bernina Express Tour from Zurich

In a world where we’re closer than ever to our next adventure, the question isn’t just “where will we go next?” but “how will we travel?” Let’s redefine the journey by choosing mindful travel, ensuring a beautiful world for us to explore for generations to come. Join us as we embark on this adventure every year, where every step we take is a step towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

Our beautiful planet, filled with diverse cultures and mesmerizing landscapes, is calling upon us to protect and preserve its precious gifts. As per a study by Nature Climate Change, tourism accounts for nearly 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In stark contrast, the European Environment Agency reports that traveling by train emits up to 14 times less carbon dioxide per passenger kilometre than an airplane, making it one of the most eco-friendly modes of transportation. But sustainable travel isn’t just about reducing carbon emissions; it also involves respecting and understanding local cultures, economies, and ecosystems.

Travelling by train offers a unique journey, combining the comfort and leisure of slow travel with the environmental benefits of CO2 reduction. On the 4-Day Glacier and Bernina Express Self-Guided Tour from Zurich, you’ll experience all of this and more. This picturesque journey will take you across stunning landscapes, Alpine wonders, and historical towns, letting you soak in the most breath-taking scenes Switzerland has to offer.

On the first day, you’ll leave Zurich, the bustling cultural hub of Switzerland, aboard the Glacier Express. The Glacier Express is known as the slowest express train in the world, taking about eight hours to travel from Zermatt to St. Moritz. The train’s panoramic windows offer spectacular views of the Swiss Alps and its unspoiled natural landscapes. You will pass by deep gorges, tight curves, dizzying bridges, and pristine mountain lakes. Along the way, you’ll also have an opportunity to understand how the train significantly reduces its carbon footprint compared to other forms of travel. Trains emit less carbon dioxide per passenger per kilometre than both cars and airplanes, making this form of transportation an eco-friendlier choice.

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On the second day, you’ll wake up in the Alpine city of St. Moritz. You can spend the day exploring the glamorous city, with its luxury boutiques, world-class restaurants, and beautiful landscapes. Alternatively, you could enjoy various outdoor activities like hiking or biking, depending on the season.

The third day begins with a delightful journey aboard the Bernina Express. This train ride, considered one of the most picturesque in the world, is a testament to human engineering marvels, traversing the spectacular landscape on the UNESCO World Heritage route. As you ascend the spiralling Brusio viaduct and reach the Bernina Pass at more than 2,253 meters above sea level, you’ll appreciate the magnitude of the train’s achievement in navigating these formidable terrains.

The last day of your tour will be spent in Tirano, a quaint Italian town at the foothills of the Bernina Pass, before returning to Zurich. As you savor local Italian cuisine and reflect on the past few days, you’ll be filled with the joy and satisfaction of a journey well-taken.

With this 4-day tour, you’re not only getting a thrilling journey across the Swiss landscapes but also contributing to a greener planet by choosing a mode of travel that considerably reduces carbon emissions. It’s a win-win for both the travel enthusiast and the environment.

Throughout the trip, you can also have plenty of fun onboard the train. Whether you’re socializing with other passengers, playing card games, or just enjoying the mesmerizing views with a hot cup of Swiss hot chocolate in hand, the journey promises to be as delightful as the destination.

The 4-Day Glacier and Bernina Express Self-Guided Tour from Zurich provides a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, sustainable travel, and pure enjoyment. It’s an unforgettable experience that gives you the opportunity to marvel at the wonders of Switzerland while minimizing your carbon footprint, making your travels meaningful and responsible.

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