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Fear and Self Doubt Vs. Destiny Course Correction

While imposter syndrome is not a diagnosable medical condition, when self induced it can be a debilitating experience for those who suffer from self doubt, fear of failure and fear of success. If you feel like you're constantly living in fear of being exposed as a fraud, it can take a toll on your mental and emotional health.A Google search of "why are women susceptible to imposter syndrome" shows how there are many solutions to mitigate this feeling. However, we think your environment, your workplace and social meida play an important role in why some women feel the need to distrust their success and have self doubts. There is plenty of room to question if social conditioning is at the root of why women are afraid of their own success.

What Are You Celebrating Today?

what do you celebrate today?
If you look around, we are not divided by our uniquness but by the lack of practice in recognizing, accepting and celebrating those differences that makes us unique.

From personal celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries to national holidays, there’s no doubt that celebrations play an important role in our lives. But what is it about these special occasions that make them so powerful? Read on to find out!

Is Fear of Failure Fooling you to Feel Trapped in Self Doubt?

is Self doubt feeding your fear of failure?
No one should feel like they are "stuck" in their life or their career. If you feel like you're not reaching your full potential, it's time to make a change. There is no shame in admitting that you need help or that you're struggling. Accepting that you experience what is spreading as “ the imposter syndrome” , it means that you focus on feeling that way. Self inducing that feeling is the final step before giving up on your dreams. Talk to us, and get started on making tiny changes you need to reach your wildest dreams. Those little changes are the small hinges that swing the big doors in front of you: the doors to your own heart.