Becoming Crone: Canadian Author Lydia M. Hawke Challenging Ageing and Inspiring Women over 60’s

Becoming Crone" by Lydia M. Hawke is more than just a tale of magic and adventure; it's a celebration of women "of a certain age" in the ground-breaking Crone Wars book series.

In a world that too often measures a woman’s worth by her youth and physical appearance, it is disheartening to witness the persistent societal conditioning that renders women over 60 as inadequate or irrelevant. Despite their wealth of wisdom, life experience, and knowledge, women’ “of a certain age”’ often find themselves relegated to the proverbial shelf and end up grappling with the harsh reality of loneliness. 

According to research conducted by the Campaign to End Loneliness, approximately 2.2 million older people in the United Kingdom alone feel ignored or invisible. Of this number, women are disproportionately affected, with nearly two-thirds of those experiencing loneliness being female.

In the United States, the National Poll on Aging found that 43% of older adults aged 60 and above reported feeling lonely on a regular basis. Women over 60 were more likely than men to report loneliness and a lack of social connections.

Amidst the statistics, however, there are countless inspiring stories of older women who are breaking these barriers of loneliness and societal expectations. From embracing their passions and changing life direction to building meaningful connections and making a difference, women are proving that life has much to offer beyond the constraints of ageist stereotypes.

After having navigated through life’s trials and tribulations with grace and tenacity, women draw upon their vast life experiences to mentor and uplift others, forging intergenerational bonds that enrich the lives of both young and old. As a society, it is high time that we recognize and celebrate their wisdom and resilience–and that is just what Lydia M. Hawke, a prolific Canadian author with a remarkable flair for weaving enthralling narratives across various genres, has done in her book, Becoming Crone.

Becoming Crone – A Spellbinding Journey of Empowerment and Adventure

With her mastery of supernatural thrillers, paranormal women’s fiction, and romances, Lydia M. Hawke has captivated readers worldwide. Her book, “Becoming Crone,” takes the readers on an enchanting journey that defies age-old stereotypes and embraces the power of transformation and self-discovery. The story follows Claire Emerson, a woman in her sixties, who finds herself adrift after unexpected divorce and loneliness leave her searching for a sense of purpose. Little does she know that her sixtieth birthday is about to herald an extraordinary, magical destiny.

Hawke skillfully weaves a tale of fantasy and self-discovery as Claire’s life takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of three intriguing characters – a snarky gargoyle, an alluring wolf shifter, and an unknown magical calling. Claire’s initial scepticism about her newfound role as the defender of humankind creates an engaging dynamic as she attempts to return to her “safe” life, dismissing the idea of possessing any magical abilities.

The author effortlessly brings Claire to life, painting a relatable portrait of a woman grappling with her identity, self-worth, and the significance of ageing in a society that often dismisses older women. As readers follow her journey, they are drawn into Claire’s struggles and triumphs, rooting for her to discover the strength within herself.

The book skilfully explores the theme of empowerment, defying societal expectations of what it means to be a woman “of a certain age.” Claire’s journey towards accepting her newfound powers and embracing her role as a defender of humankind is a powerful metaphor for women reclaiming their strength and wisdom, regardless of age.

Amidst the enchanting fantasy elements, the story also explores the complexities of relationships. Claire’s interactions with the snarky gargoyle and alluring wolf shifter add depth to the narrative, as their personalities challenge her perceptions and catalyse her growth, and her bond with her neighbour is a testament to the strength and importance of friendship.

Hawke’s masterful storytelling blends humour, action, and heartfelt emotion, keeping readers thoroughly engaged from start to finish. The pace of the plot is well-crafted, with twists and turns that leave readers eagerly turning pages to discover what lies ahead for Claire.

“Becoming Crone” is more than just a tale of magic and adventure; it’s a celebration of life’s continuous journey of growth and the strength that lies within us all. As Claire battles dark supernatural creatures and sinister mages, she also battles the doubts and fears that come with embracing her true self.

“Becoming Crone” is a spellbinding and empowering read that reminds readers that the pursuit of purpose, self-acceptance, and courage knows no age limits. Lydia M. Hawke has crafted a truly captivating tale that leaves readers inspired to embrace their own magical potential and face life’s challenges head-on, no matter the creaky joints or hot flashes along the way.

About Lydia M. Hawke- A Force for Change

Becoming Crone" by Lydia M. Hawke is more than just a tale of magic and adventure; it's a celebration of women "of a certain age" in the ground-breaking Crone Wars book series.

In a literary world often dominated by youthful protagonists, Lydia M. Hawke has emerged as a trailblazer, championing the visibility of women “of a certain age” in her ground-breaking Crone Wars book series. Through her writing, she not only seeks to remind older women of their continued vitality and relevance but also challenges society’s norms surrounding ageing and celebrates the wisdom of the Crone in pagan terms.

Lydia passionately expresses her belief that older women deserve more representation, not only in fiction but also in the real world. She firmly believes in the importance of showing that women beyond ‘a certain age’ are still vibrant, powerful, and far from fading away quietly into the background. Her Crone Wars books have garnered significant popularity among readers who have longed to see themselves reflected in the literature they consume.

One of the central themes driving the Crone Wars series is the reclaiming of the word “crone” in its positive pagan context. In pagan traditions, the Crone is revered as the wise and elder aspect of the goddess, embodying the power and wisdom of life experience. By infusing this concept into her books, Lydia celebrates ageing as a period of strength and wisdom. In a society often obsessed with youthfulness, she challenges readers to embrace the beauty of growing older.

Lydia M. Hawke is not content with just being an advocate; she actively leads the charge in increasing representation for older women in fiction. Through her engaging storytelling, she aims to inspire fellow authors to follow suit and create more stories that resonate with this significant demographic. By fostering a positive and empowering image of older women, she believes that society will start to recognize and appreciate the tremendous value they bring.

On a mission to empower older women, Lydia is challenging the publishing industry to recognize the potential of this vast and diverse demographic. By writing more stories that feature older female characters as vibrant and relevant protagonists, she hopes to promote a greater sense of inclusivity in literature and break free from ageist stereotypes.

Lydia M. Hawke’s Crone series leads the change and inspires older women everywhere. Through her writing, she showcases the vitality and relevance of women “of a certain age” and redefines the word “crone” to embody power, wisdom, and celebration. Her work not only resonates with her readers but also sparks a much-needed transformation in the literary landscape, one that embraces and celebrates the strength and wisdom of older women.

Lydia M. Hawke’s journey as a writer has been one of versatility and creativity, captivating readers with her supernatural thrillers, paranormal women’s fiction, and romances. Beyond her literary pursuits, she embraces various aspects of life, from family and pets to gardening and preparing for the unexpected. As readers await her next book they are undoubtedly eager to immerse themselves in the worlds she creates, where the extraordinary meets the ordinary, and love and courage triumph over stereotypes and loneliness.

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