Gems From The Stars And Astrological Insights With Ysanne April/ Part 2

 I am so happy to be writing to you and sharing my insights and forecasting on the wonderful connection between YOU and the wisdom of the stars and planets above. 

We are all interconnected – a vibrant web of energy – and timing is a very important part of being in health so as to avoid stress and the mismatching of ourselves with people, places and opportunities.

As we women have an instinctive link with the moon’s cycles and the flow of the tides within and outside of us, it is important to recognise the lunar as well as other planetary movements during the month. The word moon is linked with mother, matter and month! How well are you furnishing your inner home?

Softer skills are to the fore as we stay at home more and it is lovely to see more empathy, listening, crafts and caring emerging! 

 The journey we are on at a core level is expressed by the qualities and lessons of our star signs. The Sun travels through the 12 in its yearly journey – from the perspective of the Earth – and they are divided into seasons and elements.  It Starts with Aries at the spring equinox.

On the 20th April the Sun in its yearly journey entered the fertile sign of Taurus! This sign governs the earthy and middle fixing point of the Spring season. Blossoming, abundance and manifesting are wanting to be expressed. The Sun stays there till 20th May.

There is a new Moon in Taurus on 23rd at 3.26 am BST. May I suggest we seed something then and make an intent- what we want to ‘root’ and see build?

Softer skills are to the fore as we stay at home more and it is lovely to see more empathy, listening, crafts and caring emerging! 

 We are all experiencing how and where we spend time in a very different way at present, so here are some nuggets of advice with a look at your personal star signs in the week ahead.

Fire Signs

ARIES:   Any new beginnings recently started now need to take root. Otherwise seeds blow away, don’t they? Especially after 27th when the messenger planet Mercury moves from Aries into Taurus for two weeks. April is definitely your time for bright ideas and feeling empowered. Even with present circumstances you can still feel enlivened by your gifts

LEOThe approaching new moon on 23rd creates opportunities to make some changes in your home or office. Family members need you more and you can help them. You may be feeling like a creative burst you can show off to others! An admirer or admiring partner pays you a compliment you weren’t expecting. 

SAGITTARIUS:  Even with the slowing down the lockdown has created, it is important you slow down more at present. The strong Taurus energy this week will either encourage or push you too, so don’t be too stubborn. There’s that really good book you haven’t got around to just waiting to be picked up. Or an online course. 


TAURUS: The new moon on 23rd highlights joy in small matters and more than is customary you feel comfortable with yourself and your home. Nature is akin to Taurus so enjoy what you can smell, touch and see. A money making idea pops up in a conversation.  Go for it. It is not a new idea but more relevant now!

VIRGO:  As a fellow Earth sign to Taurus, and in the area of your chart involved with travel, obviously travel does not fit the usual bill!  But travel takes several forms and perhaps looking into future plans and even deciding on something different to your previous intent will prove exciting. Also travel of the mind… what do you want to explore to add to your experiences?

CAPRICORN:   Compatible with Taurus and its energy you can have some fun with young people and see life through their eyes.  Story telling may appeal and show a hidden gift. The end of April suits you well for love life and communications. Use the 23rd and following day for addressing work goals. People will be drawn to your ability to come up with solutions.


Gemini:  Your social world is busy, albeit it in a new framework!  Your love of doing more than one thing at a time and letting your curiousity guide you into new avenues is up and running now. A magazine/newspaper article prompts you to initiate or support a project.  A dream also prompts a timely idea. Imagination is your strength now. 

LIBRA: Your sign is ruled by Venus, as is Taurus. Relationships matter to you and this isn’t an easy time to have social distancing. However, you are surprising yourself with innovative ways to reach out and connect aren’t you?  You are learning interesting things about people that you hadn’t known before. A secret comes to the surface and solves a puzzle.


Mars is still tripping through your sign and with creative Taurus in your arena of home this month expect the unusual in your daily routines and maybe the acquisition of a new gadget. You are inventive now so surprise those in your life who don’t know that fact! Your ruling planet Uranus aligns with the new moon on 23rd so think outside the box then.


CANCER:  You are allowed by the zodiac team above to be extra lazy now. Planetary energies harmonise with Cancer to suggest curling up regularly to relax, nest and receive. The last few days of April are especially sensual and nourishing. If you are helping others now let them help you in some way to. 

SCORPIO:  The creative arts are appealing to you. Watch them and don’t forget to dance a little. As these weeks go by you will be thinking of a new creative hobby for when lock down is over.  With the Sun and Mercury in your opposite sign of Taurus at end of April, get more sleep and avoid power plays at home or challenges.  Be creative instead.

PISCES:  Sensual Taurus energy now aligns beautifully with your star sign. Music is running through your veins now so play it or sing it!  In a partnership it is a romantic time and, if single, then light candles, have lovely oils in the bath and wear soft fabrics.  Opening up to your senses and soul now is much easier than usual.  Aqua and blue colours help you when you feel anxious. 

 Keep Well and be kind to yourself and others! 



Here is an interview by Dr Jane Battenberg where we talk about turning challenges into opportunities. I share my astrological insights into our current world situation, both leading up the historically unprecedented pandemic where most of us are sequestered at home and influences that will come to bear in the future, includes patterns and words of wisdom to guide us as we hunker down in our homes.

Ysanne Lewis
Ysanne Lewis

YSANNE LEWIS is a UK and London based Timing Adviser, Astrologer, Speaker and Author.
Her work spans 40 years and she celebrated her ruby work anniversary earlier in 2019. She has clientele here and in the USA, Asia, Europe and South Africa.  Working with individuals, families and businesses, she seamlessly weaves the meanings of cycles, timings and patterns in educational, inspirational and humour-filled ways into the beautiful tapestry which is Life. She acts as a bridge and navigator between the maps of the heavens and our inner landscapes and their timekeepers. 

 Her consultations are for individuals, relationships,  optimum timing for events social, business and  for start ups, children’s birth charts and for re location. Ysanne is also a colour therapist.

She is the award winning author of “THE TIME CATCHER”How to time your actions to turn challenges into opportunities.’   Part of the proceeds from the sales of this book will aid the eye clinic in Spiti Valley India.

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