Gems From The Stars and Astrological Insights For Women With Ysanne- October 2020

Sharing my astrological insights this October is dedicated to every women reading my column, to celebrate the wonderful connection between you and the wisdom of the stars and planets above.

Sharing my astrological insights this October is dedicated to every women reading my column, to celebrate the wonderful connection between you and the wisdom of the stars and planets above. We are all interconnected – a vibrant web of energy – and timing is a very important part of being in health so as to avoid stress and the mismatching of ourselves with people, places and opportunities.

As we women have an instinctive link with the moon’s cycles and the flow of the tides within and outside of us, it is important to recognise the lunar as well as other planetary movements during the month. The word moon is linked with mother, matter and month! How well are you furnishing your inner home? Softer skills are to the fore as we stay at home more and it is lovely to see more empathy, listening, crafts and caring emerging! The journey we are on at a core level is expressed by the qualities and lessons of our star signs. The Sun travels through the 12 in its yearly journey – from the perspective of the Earth – and they are divided into seasons and elements.  It Starts with Aries at the spring equinox.

We are all experiencing how and where we spend time in a very different way at present, so here are some nuggets of advice with a look at your personal star signs for the month ahead. With dynamic Mars retrograde from September 10th till November 14th, it might be useful to know where it is at work in your horoscope dependant on your time, as well as date, of birth!  But wherever it is rest assured it is a major player now for re working your strategies and decisions. It is a good time for perspective on matters and choosing how you react. Look back to June – August 2018 when it was last retrograde and maybe see connections and learn from them?

Our inner pupil and communication skills ruler Mercury is also going retrograde on 14th October to 4th November. These three weeks are valuable for retracing ideas plans and using the prefix ‘Re’ for many areas of life. Re edit, re do, re visit, rebuild etc. This autumn is not the time to rush but to take stock and feel a new sense of balance. The new moon is on October 16th and the full moons, (yes, it is a ‘blue moon’ month when there are two of them) are on October 1st and 31st

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What are the Astrological Insights For Women this October? Photo by Dan Freeman

Fire Signs


October sees a restlessness and urge to get things going. Alas, not the right time if you want positive outcomes. Wait for mid- November time to come into your own more! However, October isn’t cancelled for you; not at all! Your relationships are opening up in new ways and your feminine side softens to allow both that and your strength to attract magnetic dialogues and love. Your work area, with Venus tenanting it till end of month, can draw to you openings, advancements and compliments. If you are not in a paid work situation, you will be drawn to helping people or to mentoring projects. The new and full moon times auger well for decision making regarding others. By 31st there will be some good news!


October sees a harmonious month on the whole for you. It has been an active time recently and now you can relax a little and establish more comfort zones and stability. You may well be itching to have a change of scene and more outer space around you but mid -November onwards will see easier possibilities with that.

Your finance area of your horoscope is getting a lift with Venus tenanted there till 28th.  Money making ideas flourish and monies due or owed you appear. By end of month home matters get your attention in the way of wanting improvements and change.


October sees a widening of your horizons happening; also an opportunity to meet your tribe- likeminded people. You are ready for this, and, even if you are already very busy, it still applies. You will know it when you stumble upon it.

You are preparing for your ruling planet Jupiter moving into a more compatible sign in December, but now is the time to stabilise what is good and prune what isn’t. Flashbacks from earlier years occur this month which make some sense of recent problems. Venus in your career axis of your horoscope, highlights an ability to influence people who have you in their sights. Or if you are looking for a job or promotion now could be the time.

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How do women celebrate this October? Photo by Zbynek Burival

Earth Signs


October is the time for you sensual and earthy people to change some habits and mentor yourselves in ways which are conducive to good health at all levels. It is always timely to have an inner if not outer checkups at this time of year to honour your natural rhythms and body. You like comfort zones so prepare for the next season by making life simpler for self. People will be keen to be around you so make your choices with how you spend time and use the new moon on 16th and full moons on 1st and 31st for new starts and perspective. Until 23rd, when the Sun enters Scorpio take time to retreat a bit and listen to the inner world.


October highlights money affairs and your resources. What do you want to manifest now? With Mercury, your ruling planet, going retrograde for three weeks, on 14th, new information comes to light and misunderstandings or indecisiveness need care and avoidance. Venus is in Virgo now till end of month so pamper yourself more and allow flirtations and generous gestures to come your way. It is a gentle month- if you allow it with pleasant surprises – especially in the last week.


October– with three major planets in your sign now till the end of the year this encourages you to look at your status and goals. It is not a time for playing small or for taking a back seat. Coming into your own more and acknowledging your abilities may see you taking a new route in some way. Or at least creating a bridge to it!

 A teacher or mentor figure in your life gives good advice. You may be drawn to doing a study course or the imparting of knowledge. Let the inner critic have a back seat and steadily advance. The door is open.

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A time for abundance and harvesting, October is a great month for women. What are the stars telling you? Photo by Shelley Pauls

Air Signs


Choose this month of October to fly free. The air element is with you to explore ideas and connections. The Sun in Libra till 23rd highlights romance, fun and leisure activities.  Work matters are accentuated too but, even with that routine, you can put fresh air and humour into the life of your colleagues and /or projects.  The future draws you so fly with it and don’t let negative thoughts or people hold you back. More earnest thoughts take over towards the end of the month so enjoy these first three weeks with aplomb.  Your ruler Mercury is retrograde from 14th to 4th November; lots of forgotten ideas and even some forgotten people can return. This is your month now for inventive thinking.


October is a pivotal time for you to harness your romantic as well as your negotiating skills. Your ruler Venus is occupying the quiet area of your horoscope until the last few days of the month so allow things to come to you naturally. You are more in touch with your values than usual and these will be obvious to others.

Mars, the dynamic companion to Venus your ruling planet, is dancing with you at this time and into next January, enticing you to up your game and be truly creative with your plans and decision. It is all a balancing act of course, but then you are aware of the importance of dynamic balance! 


 October Every year at this time you get the urge or pull towards ‘higher ground.’ Whether this be travel to far flung places or exploring new horizons mentally, you need to think big and not sink into the petty or trivial. Keep your energy attuned to those dimensions and thoughts and you will resonate with people of like minds.  You can’t live in that rarified world permanently but please give time for it. Being with nature now helps this. Goals also play a big part now so do think outside the box and take a new angle on how you work. It will pay off. The two full moons this month at either end, will help give perspective and a good connection with your higher self.  People from abroad are helpful mow. Keep those contacts going!

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October brings new astrological insights for women and Ysanne is here to deliver message of hope from the stars Photo by Scott Goodwill

Water Signs


October sees the fellow water sign, Scorpio, encouraging you this month to deepen your understanding of metaphysical material and psychology. You don’t have to of course but it will be of benefit when it comes to wanting to come to terms with past family situations and in general the origin of a problem. On the 14th when Mercury goes retrograde in that sign, you will see situations with the prefix Re occurring. So, like the sea tides ebb and flow, don’t push matters. People from the past return and opportunities happen to relate with young people in new ways. A neighbour will be of help or provide an opening. Writing may also appeal to you and giving talks this month, People will enjoy you!


October sees the sun in your retreat zone of your horoscope until 23rd. Always a good time of year for slowing down, resting more and listening to the inner world. The outer world won’t forget you! 

With Mercury in your sign nearly all month and in retrograde motion, you may feel like pushing matters. Be especially careful with small print or contracts. Take your time whether reading documents or in conversations and agreements and plans. This is a great month for artistic interests so try to get involved. A friend is generous to you and your romantic side is stimulated by an encounter. The full moon on 30th suggests you take a day off and let things run their course.


October sees you much more in touch with your intuitive and shrewd sides than usual. A business deal or opportunity presents itself and a partnership can grow. After 14th be cautious of where and how you place your money. Make sure deals are waterproof and check out any clauses. Joint finances are highlighted, or inheritance or investment or tax issues. Just stay on top of it all. Your more dreamy side can overlook things at this time so get advice or at least ask for reminders from people. A relationship becomes more interesting if a newish one, and existing ones need to be given time and space for growth and attention. Someone from overseas contacts you and an invite is in the offing.

November activates our inner passion and zeal; courage and enthusiasm are heightened, especially after the 4th when Mercury goes direct and provides clarity where needed. After 22nd when the Sun enters Sagittarius a desire for learning and even travel heightens. The new moon is on 15th November and the full moon on 30th.  New tactics for decision making are due.

Ysanne Lewis
Ysanne Lewis

YSANNE LEWIS is a UK and London based Timing Adviser, Astrologer, Speaker and Author.
Her work spans 40 years and she celebrated her ruby work anniversary earlier in 2019. She has clientele here and in the USA, Asia, Europe and South Africa.  Working with individuals, families and businesses, she seamlessly weaves the meanings of cycles, timings and patterns in educational, inspirational and humour-filled ways into the beautiful tapestry which is Life. She acts as a bridge and navigator between the maps of the heavens and our inner landscapes and their timekeepers. 

 Her consultations are for individuals, relationships,  optimum timing for events social, business and  for start ups, children’s birth charts and for re location. Ysanne is also a colour therapist.

She is the award winning author of “THE TIME CATCHER”How to time your actions to turn challenges into opportunities.’   Part of the proceeds from the sales of this book will aid the eye clinic in Spiti Valley India.

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