Gems From The Stars and Astrological Insights For Women With Ysanne- December 2020

December Stars speak to us of celebration, reflection and new beginnings. They straddle the old and new year, allowing us to inwardly cleanse and renew. Perhaps, like no other year in modern history, we have had to pull on our inner resources and adapt. With these abilities we can face the new year of 2021 with added courage and new skills. What unlived roles or parts of you have come on stage and  found a niche?

December sees the New Moon on 14th and the Full Moon on 30th. Mars, the planet of action is in direct motion now having turned direct on November 13th, after many weeks in retrograde motion. More clarity and straightforward approaches will become obvious. 

The big news is a major conjunction of the giant teacher planets, Jupiter and Saturn. They leave the hierarchical and ‘tough love’ sign of Capricorn and move into the air sign Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn line up every 20 years, but they haven’t come together in freedom loving, humanitarian Aquarius since the early 1400’s!  

Conjunctions represent a meeting and new beginnings.  We can expect after December 21st and the winter solstice, a wave of change and futuristic thinking. The old order starts to get replaced by new values and change.  

At a personal level we have opportunities to teach and mentor ourselves in better ways and recognise our role in society in new ways.  Are you becoming more a rebel, reformer or team player?  How can you make that role wise and caring as well as individualistic?

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What are the news Ysanne brings fron the stars for women this December? Photo by Artem Kniaz

Fire Signs


 Mars, your ruling planet in your sign till the second week of January, says take full advantage of the power available now. Fellow fire sign Sagittarius is up and running and this helps you find direction and forward thinking. There has been a big need for patience these past two months, not easy for an Aries, so now you can let off steam and be in the lead. The 10th and 11th are your days for doing just that! Your need to play and being creative – even original – beckons you and you will feel lighter than you have for a while, especially up to the 21st. Take stock then to see how far you have come this year and how inner discipline has matured you. Your romantic side emerges and attracts people around 16th. Just be clear whether you want an entanglement at this time! Maybe just flirt and charm. This is your time for being yourself, not always so easy in a partnership.


Do you want to take up a new hobby now? Well aspected planets in that arena of your horoscope suggest the need for fresh air and creative expression. The part of you which is a performer (whether you are shy or not) is ready to come on stage in some way. Travel may beckon too. It is important you use December well and productively. There is really no excuse to hide your light… or be lazy. 

How you use time now is the key. Act spontaneously and you won’t be disappointed. Children are around you more this month and, if you are thinking of having a baby, now could be the right time. If not, you can birth a project which will fulfil you. Re designing or decorating your home is a positive idea this month. Colour in your life is essential now.


Your time of year for free thinking and travel of mind and /or body! What do you plan for these few weeks? The solstice time on 21st augers well for good timing with connections and speaking your mind. This is a fertile month for you and, with your ruling planet Jupiter to the fore now, much luck and opportunity come your way. You may have felt dampened this year by restrictions, but inwardly now at least there will be a sense of optimism and enthusiasm. The 19th is a day to celebrate this.Take advantage of Mars still in a fellow fire sign, Aries, this month and be adventurous. You decide how!  After the 16th, with lovely Venus in your sign until well into January, your powers of attraction bubble up. Expect an admirer. This person loves travel and learning.

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Ysanne is unveiling new Astrological Insights on what December 2020 Stars bring to women Photo by Aaron Burden

Earth Signs


 Venus, goddess of love and creativity- your ruling planet- is lighting up your relationship zone now and you can take full advantage of this by allowing your self-esteem and inner beauty to shine brightly. Effortlessly you will draw timely opportunities and meetings. It is important to tap your depths and not just flit on the surface of experience. 

December time is transformation time for you so, just as goddesses could shape shift, so can you now – into ways and even appearances that enhance the real you! The once in a lifetime of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, on December 21st highlights your career zone. What changes, prunings and advancement do you want? You have had to be a strategist for many months now. Be patient still until January when Mars – entering your sign-  can move on from that role and encourage you to be more energised and in control.


Your home and domestic life may be changing in some way. Whether small or big changes, they are timely and you would be wise to allow this. Family members are changing residence too. Finances need re assessing and this is a good month for clearing and being flexible with changes. The new moon on the 14th is significant for these matters, especially after 21st.

After midmonth things settle more and the newfound space and clarity, whether inside or outside, will feel welcome. Time to play more then and be creative with chores and ideas. Being extra loving over the holiday season will be timely as Venus enters your communication zone.


Until the 21st when the Sun enters your sign, get more rest and await the tides changing. Your inner world and psychic side are strongly influencing you and this is the time to surrender more and let go of the past and traditional ideas.   A feeling of closeness to someone strengthens. Your compassion also heightens. This is not weakness but strength and others will benefit as well as your relationship to yourself.

Later in the month you feel like making bridges between past and future and widening your social framework. This is a pivotal month for you to get a perspective on many areas of your life. Choose your companions wisely as you need ‘good’ energy people around you this month.

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Winter is bringing us together to celebrate those we love Photo by Josh Hild

Air Signs


The upcoming December 21st conjunction of the teacher planets Jupiter and Saturn sits nicely with you Geminians. In Aquarius, that aligns well with you, a fellow air sign! You are ready for change and fresh air in your life and relationships.  You don’t have to do this all at once though. Get the ideas spinning, brain storm more and even write them down. 

 Until the 21st when the sun enters Capricorn, really speak your truth and needs with a partner or friend. Openness suits you now, as does keeping things simple. It would be too easy for you to complicate things and overload.Use the new moon on the 14th in your sign for starting a new project or activity. People will want to be around you more than usual. Choose them carefully as you will get bored easily this month.  Discernment is the key word.


 Your zone of communication, learning and short journeys – oh, and siblings and neighbourhood – is accented this month.  News you have been waiting for arrives. So it could be a busy time. Learning or teaching, even just joining in with networking, is favoured well, and it would be good to use those lovely brain cells of yours to keep you in good health and optimism. Mars, the provoker and energiser of action, is still in your opposite sign of Aries till January, so be discerning about how you cause reactions in others. Most of the time these are positive reactions but obviously tread carefully with some people. Partners can press your buttons so keep the humour going. Not everything is personal!  After the 16th, and the new moon two days before, you can easily move forward successfully with interests, meetings – virtual or in person. The ‘highlighted’ date, 21st, puts a spring in your step.


This is your special month for a booster influx of Aquarian energy! Are you ready for this? Of course you are. Jupiter, expansion and Saturn, the builder – the giant planets – are combining forces in your sign and will stay a while. This magic occurs on the 21st and opens inner and outer doors for you. What are you going to start manifesting in 2021? The Sun in Sagittarius- an adventurous, far seeing sign – is occupying your zone of friendship and social goals till then as well, so this is a great month for advancement and opportunity. Venus is occupying your career and goals zone till midmonth, so influential people come your way. Receiving is the key. Until the second week of January your mind is very stimulated so try to pace yourself and allow time to absorb.  Don’t spoil things by rushing or getting burn out.   Romance may come about via friendships or work.

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Wish do come true in December. Never stop dreaming! Photo by Jonathan Borba

Water Signs


Make the most of Venus travelling through a fellow water sign, Scorpio this month as, with fire and earth signs dominating, you can feel a little lost. The end of the first week sees a lovely alignment between her and Neptune, allowing you to simply flow with events and create your own pace rather than trying to match other people’s pace! Take time to dream and be creatively inspired then.

Your work arena is very active now so do delegate more and ask for help. The word allowing is useful this month. With Mars in your zone of goals as well as wanting you to take more leadership, know that the most successful outcomes rise from simplicity as well as the spadework. The full moon on the 30th in your sign sees you giving birth to the seeds or fruits of a new project.


With Venus in your sign till midmonth take advantage of your glow of sex appeal and warmth.  Your sensual side in all ways is very attractive now.  Massages and beauty treatments would be good for you. Not just with people, but in the financial area, you can draw abundance. We all have different ideas of abundance but you will know what it is and what it feels like when it comes.  You will be looking at your values more and what you want to create now to represent them. Work is highlighted in this framework and it might be the time to start inspecting whether your job or whatever role in life you are playing reflects your values and sense of purpose. With rebellious planet Uranus in your opposite sign of Taurus there is a pull between change and the familiar. Scorpio is not comfortable with endings but Uranus likes change; keep centred and take your time.


As this year draws to a close it is always good to reflect on it. This applies very much to you with the Sun transiting the zenith of your horoscope and highlighting your goals and public image. Communicator planet Mercury is there as well and I would suggest that leading up to the solstice time on the 21st and the Jupiter /Saturn ‘meeting,’ that you take stock, review, then set a vision, if not a goal, for 2021. Doing this in a relaxed way will bring the answers easily to you. You operate best when attuned to your intuitive mind and right hemisphere brain, and, around the 6th and 7th when your ruling planet Neptune aligns with creative Venus, you will get strong insights about your professional and your love life. Whether you meditate or just relax into the intuitive power at your disposal, it is important to do this. Your travel and higher seeking zone is open to ideas and plans this month. If you have friends abroad do contact them.

Until next year, Happy Holidays!


Ysanne Lewis
Ysanne Lewis

YSANNE LEWIS is a UK and London based Timing Adviser, Astrologer, Speaker and Author.
Her work spans 40 years and she celebrated her ruby work anniversary earlier in 2019. She has clientele here and in the USA, Asia, Europe and South Africa.  Working with individuals, families and businesses, she seamlessly weaves the meanings of cycles, timings and patterns in educational, inspirational and humour-filled ways into the beautiful tapestry which is Life. She acts as a bridge and navigator between the maps of the heavens and our inner landscapes and their timekeepers. 

 Her consultations are for individuals, relationships,  optimum timing for events social, business and  for start ups, children’s birth charts and for re location. Ysanne is also a colour therapist.

She is the award winning author of “THE TIME CATCHER”How to time your actions to turn challenges into opportunities.’   Part of the proceeds from the sales of this book will aid the eye clinic in Spiti Valley India.

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