Which Fashion Brands Make Face-Masks To Fight Against Covid-19

Fear, greed, ignorance, oppression, bigotry and any kind of prejudice are affecting not only us, the human kind but each and every species who are not in the human ” league” but are making our existence worth living. During Covid-19, we, the human kind, started to remember that we could be both, human and kind.

Rich Woman went looking for fashion makers, one of the greatest polluters of all times, to find the evidence that, after all, there is good in everyone.

Behind every crocodile or snake- skin item is an animal who experienced a violent, bloody death

Tracey Reiman, one of the brilliant women who run Peta

Brooks Brothers‘ Chairman and CEO Claudio Del Vecchio announced that they will stop selling animal skin products and they reopened all three of Brooks Brothers’ factories in the United States “to commence production on urgently needed medical supplies, including surgical and non-surgical masks and hospital gowns. We are quickly re-configuring our factories so that Brooks Brothers can produce up to 150,000 masks per day. We plan to keep producing these supplies for as long as they are critically needed. We have brought many of our factory employees back to work, under rigorous safety standards, and we could not be prouder of their efforts to join in this very important cause.”


Severely impacted by this global crisis Burberry is no exception. While stores remain closed and the creatives teams continue to work from home, Thomas Burberry inspires the B Generation and its creators to offer their “take on an outdoor world from within”.

While the outdoors has always been a part of Burberry’s DNA, they are making thoughtful decisions to help NHS. They are re-purposing their trench coat factory in Castleford, Yorkshire, to make non-surgical gowns and masks for patients in UK hospitals. Through their global supply chain they fast track the delivery of 100,000 surgical masks to the UK National Health Service for use by medical staff.

“We are funding research into a single-dose vaccine developed by the University of Oxford. The university has one of the world’s best track records in emergency vaccine development, and its COVID-19 vaccine is on course to begin human trials next month.

We are donating to charities that are dedicated to tackling food poverty across the UK, including FareShare and The Felix Project. With increasing pressures on food supplies for those in need, these organisations are expanding their efforts to help those struggling as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Though we are apart, we stand together.”

If you have a good story to exemplify your brand’s long-standing core values of Kindness, Innovation, Fairness, we would love to celebrate you and help you re-new your relationship with our readers.

Dr Marina Nani
Dr Marina Nani

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