Barbour’s New Spring 24 Collection

Barbour unveils its latest Spring '24 Collection, celebrating the start of a promising new season in a timeless and authentic fashion.

As we bid farewell to winter, it’s time to welcome Spring with open arms and an updated wardrobe. One brand that has never failed in highlighting seasonal transitions with a sartorial flair is Barbour. True to its tradition, Barbour unveils its latest Spring ’24 Collection, celebrating the start of a promising new season in a timeless and authentic fashion.

Born from a rich Scottish heritage and moulded by the rugged landscapes of North East England, Barbour’s new collection effortlessly amalgamates the past’s functional designs with a futuristic vision. As a testament to 130 years of unwavering commitment to heritage, quality and craftsmanship, this collection is indeed Barbour – reimagined.

This latest collection showcases outerwear, clothing, and footwear for both men and women, each piece carefully crafted to accompany your springtime adventures. An endless array of wax jackets, tartan prints on tailored shirts, and sturdy wellington boots await your discovery.

Embrace the Outdoors

The Spring 24 Collection beholds a mix of Barbour’s classic quilted and waxed jackets, complemented by an offering of casual jackets and trench coats. Redolent of Barbour’s archive pieces, every item carries a strong theme of authenticity embedded in the rich history of the garments. Each jacket, adorned with Barbour hardware, boasts time-honoured details- the iconic Barbour ring pull zip and the Barbour pressed metal studs, promising enduring quality.

A Nod to Tradition: Tartan Infused Clothing

The season doesn’t get any better in fashion than with a focus on tartan. This iconic pattern sweeps across Barbour’s clothing collections, gracing tailored shirts and trousers to knitwear and dresses. The distinctive tartan print, created by Dame Margaret Barbour and Helen Barbour in the 90s is unique to Barbour. Whether it graces an entire dress or discreetly lines a shirt’s neckline, it’s a contemporary hommage to the company’s rich Scottish heritage.

Born for Adventures: Rugged Footwear

Inspired by the rugged beauty of the great outdoors, the new footwear ranges from practical wellington boots ready for muddy escapades, to walking boots designed for leisurely weekend strolls. Signature chunky soles and tartan detailing become an indispensable part of both women’s and men’s footwear collections, destined to be a favourite addition to your spring wardrobe.

A Legacy Reappraised

Established by John Barbour in 1894, this family-owned 5th generation brand provided outerwear to shield fishermen, sailors, and mariners from Britain’s harsh weather. Today, Barbour’s wardrobe includes clothes, accessories, and footwear for everyone. Servicing over 55 countries across the globe, Barbour continues to reinterpret classic designs into modern silhouettes each season, steadfastly inspired by their archives dating back to 1910.

Their celebrated Wax for Life initiative, launched in 2020, encourages customers to extend the life of their jackets with re-waxing and repairs – one more reason to fall in love with Barbour’s commitment to sustainable fashion.

When it comes to commemorating the essence of the British countryside and putting forward a fashionable lifestyle, Barbour’s Spring 24 Collection is a testament to their timeless relevance and their resilient legacy. Discover the range and make these classic, yet modern designs your own. Your new season staple awaits at Barbour.

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