Up for Auction: Netflix’s Royal Fashion Collection of The Crown

Up for Auction: Netflix's Royal Fashion Collection! On 7th February, London's New Bond Street will host a free exhibition showcasing these majestic costumes, with a potential auction value of £1 million.

Did you ever find yourself lost in the royal grandeur of Netflix’s series The Crown? If so, you’re not alone. Not only did this series grip us with its spellbinding narration of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the dynamics of the British monarchy, but it also served us an appetizing platter of royal fashion. With season six marking the conclusion of this historical saga, now could be a good time to look into the legacy it leaves behind in terms of royal fashion.

Curated by designer Amy Roberts and associate designer Sidonie Roberts, who contributed to Seasons 3 through 6 of the show, the collection features 24 outfits spanning all six seasons of The Crown, worn by different iconic characters.

Taking a Stroll Through the Royal Style

Morphed into a majestic wardrobe the most famous props from The Crown are set to grace a free exhibition on London’s New Bond Street, as Netflix endeavors to auction them on 7th February for a potential £1 million. Coinciding with the premiere of the final portion of Season 6, this exhibition wasn’t just a display of royal clothing. It unfurled a story, a narrative spun through the fabric of costumes that resurrected historical figures on screen.

This exhibition isn’t just an indulgence for the series’ ardent fans. It’s a silent homage to the painstaking craftsmanship and in-depth research that brought each of these masterpieces to life. The Crown’s costumes are much more than enchanting attire—they embody the political, social, and personal pillars of the characters they clothe.

Chronicles of The Crown

The Crown is chronicling the ups and downs of the British monarchy from 1947 to the early 21st century and each new season posed a unique challenge to the costume department, capturing the heart and soul of that period. From post-war austerity to the flamboyant 80s, the series painted the changing fashion landscapes.

The exhibition also provides a glimpse of modern royal fashion, especially Kate Middleton’s portrayal by Meg Bellamy. The replica of Middleton’s iconic fashion show dress is noteworthy, confirming the show’s commitment to authenticity.

Inside the Royal Fashion

Beyond the historic truth, The Crown has had a massive influence on how British Royalty and royal fashion is perceived in the world. In an effort to reflect the buried treasure of royal fashion, it was presented it in a way that resonated with the audience. More than just beautiful dresses, the costumes are a seamless blend of history and present, historic truth and imagination, allowing viewers to personally connect with the puzzles of living an iconic life.

The ongoing exhibition paints a detailed picture of what goes into creating these magnificent costumes. The exhibit enlightens visitors about the role of fashion in storytelling and underscores the importance of costume design in the cinematic universe.

The ongoing exhibition serves as a worthy tribute to a series that has left indelible footprints in the sands of popular culture. It’s not just about the past six seasons; it’s an homage to the everlasting influence of royal fashion.

The Crown’s legacy will perpetuate through the captivating stories it narrated and the visually stunning costumes. The Royal Festival Hall’s exhibition is a must-visit for fans and fashionistas to immerse in the majestic world of The Crown.

The costume exhibition of The Crown at Royal Festival Hall decodes the artistry and historical significance embossed in royal fashion. It offers a peep into the creative process behind one of the most successful television series in recent times. As we await the final season of The Crown, the exhibition celebrates the spectacular cultural trajectory of the series.

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