Alpine Adventure with the Eurostar Snow Train

Get to the heart of the French Alps with the Eurostar Snow train, departing every Saturday throughout winter, and glide to wonderful ski resorts in hours.

Embarking on a journey aboard the Eurostar Sky Train is an alpine adventure story. This isn’t just a train ride; it’s an odyssey that whisks you from the vibrant heartbeat of London to the serene splendor of the French Alps. Each stop along this seamless itinerary reveals a new chapter in our tale, unearthing the cultural richness, historical charm, and spectacular thrills of winter.

London to Lille

Our adventure story begins amid the iconic cityscape of London, setting off towards the first stop: Lille. Consider this chapter a cultural prelude to your journey, a sneak peek into the diverse tapestry we’ll be exploring. Appreciate the history and feel the vibrancy of Lille, knowing this city is just the prologue to your adventures on the Eurostar Ski Train.

Chambéry – the Gateway to the Alps

The story continues as we roll into the charm-filled town of Chambéry, fondly referred to as the gateway to the French Alps. The streets, laden with quirky, ancient landmarks and homes flush with color, beckon you to explore and prepare for the natural splendors that lie ahead.

Albertville – the Winter Spirit

As we move on to Albertville, the thrill of winter sports descends. Known for hosting the 1992 Winter Olympics, Albertville presents a blend of modern functionality and picturesque landscapes – the perfect scenario to immerse you in the spirits of the winter season.


Now, as we near your final locales, Moûtiers makes for a crucial chapter. Correspondingly titled the ‘Gateway to the Three Valleys,’ this bustling town serves as a rendezvous point for winter thrill-seekers, eager to experience world-renowned slopes.


No Alpine chronicles can be complete without a stop at Aime-la-Plagne, the doorstep to La Plagne’s beloved ski destination. Here, you are treated to an eclectic mix of winter activity options, a preview of the snowy escapades that ensue.


The last fold of our story lies in Bourg-Saint-Maurice. This charming Alpine town, nestled in the Tarentaise Valley, offers authenticity in spades. Serving as the stepping stone to paradises like Les Arcs, it illustrates to passengers a dazzling teaser of the alpine lifestyle.

Your Final Destination

In Bourg-Saint-Maurice, the journey with the Eurostar Sky Train ends, but your adventure is far from over. Here, you transition onto coaches that ferry you to the epicenters of high-energy ski resorts like Val Thorens, Meribel, and more.

In essence, a ride on the Eurostar Sky Train is a resplendent journey that transcends standard transport experiences. Each chapter of this adventure offers a memorable encounter, be it cultural exploration, historical enchantment, or winter thrill. With strategic pitstops and convenient transitions, the Eurostar Sky Train indeed curates a seamless passage to the winter paradise that is the French Alps.

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