Zoom Fatigue Vs. Good Vibes, Motivational Energy and Healing

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel completely flat?  Your body does not want to move, your mind feels like wool and you cannot find any energy or oomph to get going.  The news is repetitiously full of negativity and you can find no emotional motivation to take that first step – what is it all for?  The descending escalator of depression ahead is moving at a slow and irksomely steady pace – even the reward of an indulgent breakfast does not seem enough to pull off the covers. Back to work in the living room fighting for space, or in the tiny cupboard gratuitously called ‘The Study’, in reality a glorified shoebox.  Where is the friendship and chatter of going to work? The bustle of commuting we once railed against but now seems quite like fun with bags of movement – and thankfully far enough away from the kitchen to stop snacking at home (a friend of mine called it ‘Coronagrazing’).

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The daily tussle with our own negativity has taken on different dimensions.  No longer are we fighting to get to work on time as we can crawl out of bed in our PJs with just a smart top and hold back-to-back video conferences.  In fact, a recent study at Stanford University in the USA looked a ‘Zoom Fatigue’, exhaustion and stress-related illnesses from excessive video conferencing.  Prolonged intense eye contact necessary in video conferencing (to read-in more of what people are saying) and much less blinking is causing eye strain, shoulder, neck stress and headaches.  With less office interruptions, people are in fact able to work much harder in some ways, though, the loss of the human side of working together does not help idea generation, friendship, team-sense and motivational energy.

So where and what is motivational energy and how does it relate to all our different life energies? Spring has come and fresh life is exploding around us. Dark is changing for light in the northern hemisphere. Close confinement has brought us much close to ourselves. Within our small spaces we become more aware of our relationships with others sharing that space, the limits to our physical and mental endurance, and how we respond, not always at our best.  Our former life patterns have been left behind and we are creating new ways of life based upon a mixture of government signpost warnings and our own internal workings of common sense and common good.  The usual motivational energy of rubbing shoulders with others in a working environment is not there for many, virtual for others, and for those that do work together, wearing masks can create a false sense of reality when we cannot freely exchange the richness of looks and subtle pick-ups of non-verbal communication. As someone described it, ‘It feels like talking with a box over your head; it is like guessing half the time rather than knowing as you cannot see all the facial gestures that help us know, warn or guide each other’.  It may seem bizarre now but movement leads to motivational energy.  That is why we get fired up from a good walk, or going to the gym, a live event, dance, musical gigs, a busy restaurant, or pub where there are oceans of motivational energy just pouring out and we become part of that great sea or lake of expression taking back home all those good vibes.

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These sources of external ‘energy-refreshments’ are really important, but so to are our internal resources. Connecting to our spiritual side offers limitless life refreshment but that can be really hard.  No Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi classes, collective meditation, chanting or religious meetings can act as a catalyst to that internal channel.  Musicians will know well that you can sit in front of a keyboard, guitar, drums, saxophone or instrument of your choice and feel uninspired. When you play with others, motivational energy just seems to catch fire and inspiration flows.  For some, when there is just no ‘juice’ left in the battery, a natural recharge through energy-based healing is a brilliant way to restore and reset your life.  So many people have come to me in this pandemic asking for a recharge as they cannot find any motivation and feel great depression.  Many have reached out for food and drink comforts, put on weight and cannot lose it. Finding the real motivation to lose weight that has been on for a year, and to keep it off, is a huge challenge.  Help finding motivational energy comes through healing and the insights it brings.  Intelligent Energy Healing, channelling the natural healing power that exists in the Universe, that exists in all of us – how we all seem to get better and shrug of illnesses, pains and aches, when we are feeling good and on top of things, that same energy in our minds and bodies – is what is channelled by those that are natural born healers.  

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Healing seems also to bring a sixth-sight and perception of the blocks and barriers that are holding our lives back.  This is often experienced during a healing treatment by myself as a reading, and also, by those being healed, as layers of stress and anxiety are peeled back, clarity comes and opens up the doors to a better, more hopeful future.  Stress and anxiety block our natural wisdom, as the threat messages, either external circumstantial threat from the pandemic or loss of work, or the internal threat from having to operate in a restricted space, plus the hyperactivity of our inner voice trying constantly to find solutions to how will I be in a global scale problem, is simply just wearing and wearing many of us down to depths we have never fathomed before – and a sense that this is likely to go on for a number of years yet.  A course of natural intelligent energy-based healing can make an extraordinary difference like firing up an engine that has been dormant over-winter; it just needs that little bit of help to get going again, or if in the depths of a depression a helping energy hand to restore that level of motivational energy that we need to have to sustain our life, and at a happy level of being.

Douglas Ballard
Douglas Ballard

Douglas Ballard (www.douglasballard.com) is an accomplished international Energy Healer. Douglas is down to earth and very approachable. Currently practicing in Belgravia, London, Douglas is well recognised for his success in treating anxiety, stress, exhaustion, immune-related illness, back, shoulder and post-operative pain. Clients nearly always experience a sense of calm, unwinding and relief on their path to wellbeing. Douglas’s Energy Healing touch works extremely well alongside conventional therapy, helping to mitigate and restore the harsh side-effects of drug treatment, surgery and radiotherapy.

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