What Business Lessons Can We Learn from Children?

What can we learn from children's unfiltered perspective? Studies in cognitive psychology reveal that children excel in simplifying complex tasks, Why not take the lessons learned from children’s playground to unblock the pathway to success in the business jungle?

What can we learn from children’s unfiltered perspective? Studies in cognitive psychology reveal that children excel in simplifying complex tasks, leveraging their innate curiosity and creativity to distil complex concepts into manageable components. This ability to break down daunting challenges into digestible parts is a skill that businesses can leverage to enhance efficiency and drive innovation.

The little customers in our homes might be the next stop for some intriguing wisdom. Observations from children’s day to day getaways can be moulded into compelling business tools.

Embracing positivity in adversity, reimagining fairness and harnessing the power of simplification are invaluable lessons from which we can not only drive meaningful change but also create a more inclusive and resilient business landscape for generations to come. Why not take the lessons learned from children’s playground to unblock the pathway to success in the business jungle?

Having Fun Working Together

Children play for fun and as a result they develop an unparalleled knack for finding silver linings in adversity. According to a recent study by Child Development journal, children exhibit a higher propensity for optimism compared to adults, with 85% of children aged 6-12 expressing optimism about their future. This inherent positivity isn’t just a fleeting trait of childhood; it’s a powerful mindset that adults can harness in navigating business challenges.

Take for instance the concept of “us versus them” mentality, often pervasive in corporate settings. While adults tend to compartmentalize and create divisions, children approach interactions with a sense of unity and inclusivity. This simple yet profound worldview can inspire innovative solutions and foster collaboration in the most daunting of business tasks.

Children Ask for Help

Children never refrain from asking for help, a lesson deeply rooted in their natural instinct. Translate this to the business world, and voila, you realize the power of teamwork. Be bold to extend a hand for help, be it a leader or a team-lead, for shared wisdom can lead to collective success.

Business Curiosity & Resilience

A standout among the most profound lessons children teach us is to dust off and bounce back, no matter how daunting the hurdle is. The journey to entrepreneurship is wrapped around thorns, and resilience, as well as perseverance, label the winning ventures. Building this attitude among children not only gears them for the rocky roads ahead but also instils an empowering reminder for entrepreneurs to persist through rough storms.

Fostering business curiosity among the tiny tots can mutually benefit the society and the child. It provides an avenue to familiarize business tactics and strategies and also brings fresh-thinking creatively. This give-and-take process can incubate a culture of innovation and learning.

Treasuring Every Penny

Remember the awe in a child’s eyes when they behold their first penny? Entrepreneurs can foster a similar approach to treasure every dime, ensuring calculated financial decisions and promoting a sustained business objective.


In business, complexity is often mistaken for sophistication. Yet, children challenge this notion by demonstrating the profound impact of simplicity. Their uncluttered minds and uncomplicated approach to problem-solving offer invaluable lessons for streamlining processes and cutting through the noise.

The Value of Your Work

Designing a “job profile” for children and associating their chores with an allowance teaches them the importance of setting goals and fulfilling them dutifully. The same principle can be implemented in business to encourage employees towards a goal-oriented work ethics.

Fair Play: Rules and Ethics

Research shows that children exhibit a keen sense of fairness from a young age, often prioritizing equity and empathy in their interactions. This intrinsic understanding of fairness, unclouded by biases and preconceptions, serves as a guiding principle that businesses can emulate. Like kids in a game, sticking to the norms and ethical viewpoints fosters trust and integrity. The same holds for businesses, a golden rule is to be ethical and transparent. This leads us to build trust and credibility in the dynamic economic ecosystem.

Business Basics-Lemonade Stands

Getting children involved in basic entrepreneurial tasks like running a lemonade stand imparts to them an early understanding of customer service, punctuality, and due diligence, crucial touchpoints in the business landscape .

Keep it Real: Authentic is Beautiful

It’s essential to remember that being genuine and transparent strikes a chord in clients, thereby building a loyal customer base. Let’s not forget to uphold our authentic self in all our business communications and branding.

In essence, children’s natural demeanour and inquisitiveness offer golden nuggets of wisdom to business professionals. By engaging with them and observing their behaviour, we can adopt a refreshing perspective towards business dynamics – a simple, yet seamless route to sustainable success.

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