Vintage Rugs Taking the Floor in 2022

We can safely say that designers and trend spotters agree that vintage rugs do seem to be back in style in 2022 and choosing history over fast fashion adds value to our lives.

Our growing aversion to fast fashion and a move to more sustainable, eco-conscious choices are transforming our homes too and a good interior designer is able to add value to your home by choosing the right pieces . There’s a marked move away from quick wins and cheap, mass-produced homewares to furnishing and decorating our homes with timeless pieces that tell a story and reflect a homeowners personal interests. 

Embracing vintage pieces of furniture and unique rugs make a house a home. That’s why distressed rugs are high on the agenda for 2022. Distressed rugs are all 100% genuine Persian hand-knotted rugs. They have a story to tell too as they are all listed as vintage (meaning they are around 30-99 years old). The subtle colours and slightly worn piles enable you to bring the character of a Persian rug to your space, in a soft and classy way.

The majority of vintage rugs are Persian rugs, with an age of 30-99 years. Antique Persian rugs are defined by their age of over 99 years old and 100% handmade. One of the largest collections of vintage rugs in London, offer a try before you buy service.

How to determine the age of a rug

Very old rugs will feel gritty, sandy, or even smooth on the back. A fine rug that looks tightly woven, but that still feels somewhat floppy or supple, is probably old, since even tightly woven rugs become supple with time. Color or rug dye quality can also help determine how old a rug is.

The age of a rug is one of the critical points in determining the value of a rug. But determining how old a specific rug might be, is also one of the most difficult skills to acquire for the rug enthusiast. Carpet dyes became more common from the late nineteenth century on. If a rug has considerable amounts of faded dye it is an indication that rug may have been made after the 19th century. Here are a few tips to determine if a rug is vintage:

  • Older antique rugs might show some evidence of wear.
  • The rug pile may be low or worn away exposing foundation, but relatively new modern contemporary modern rugs can get worn quickly
  • very old rugs can sometimes survive in good condition if they have been in the possession of thoughtful owners.
  • The back of the rug offers a better opportunity to determine age.
  • Colour or rug dye quality can also help determine how old a rug is. Unfolding the rug will reveal if the color is the same all the way down into the pile to the rug foundation.
  • If it the colors get darker the further down the pile you go, the dye has probably faded on exposure to light and is probably synthetic.

Kitchen comforts

2021 made homeowners reassess their living spaces and with kitchens and kitchen dining spaces being the heart of the home, it was one of the first rooms people wanted to decorate and transform. Kitchens have fast become a place where we crave comfort. An oversized rug or runner in a kitchen can add cushioning underfoot, warmth and interest. They also become a key talking point for guests.

Rich, earthy colours like reds, burgundy’s and Mulberry full of traditional patterns create that all-important warm and inviting harmony set against a white, beige or grey contemporary kitchen. Earthy tones in beige, olive or creams create a more grounded feel for a kitchen space that’s cooler or dark in tone . Adding a rug in a kitchen is a small change that can make a lifetime of difference.

Picture perfect gallery rugs 

Every space needs that one focal point which gives it a personality that you simply cannot miss. Gallery rugs are distinct and unique, bridging the gap between room size rugs and the long and narrow runners. They offer a cool and easy way to add pattern to your interior without altering its style drastically. 

Gallery rugs are ideally suited for wider halls and foyers that typically occur between rooms. Because of their unconventional size (normally 5-7 feet wide and 14 feet long), they are considered special and rare compared to other rug formats. Remember to select complementary pieces in your design. Avoid making the space look too small; the rug shouldn’t touch the wall on any side. The general rule of thumb is to keep at least eighteen inches between the edge of your carpet and the wall.

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