I Dare You To Step Into Your Feminine Power And Put Your Name On Real Wealth

Have you ever looked beyond your status quo, and said to yourself “Must be more to life!” and suddenly spotted a hidden opportunity to embrace real wealth, identify your unforeseen feminine powers, but lacked the courage to step into your next level of personal growth?

Back in 1991, I traveled to Indonesia for seven months and loved it. I loved the culture, the handicrafts and most of all the people. When I returned home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the gorgeous batik clothing and beautiful fabrics I’d seen in Bali. And with that inspiration Back from Bali was born. For over 25 years, our clothing has been ethically made by family or women owned artisan businesses in Bali. Our rayon fabric is locally sourced in Indonesia and sustainably produced.

My goal is to make you happy by bringing you beautiful boho inspired clothing designed and created in Bali so that you feel great and look great wearing it.

It took me until I was 53 years old to be honest enough to say to myself “I want money!” It just seemed like something I shouldn’t say out loud. But when I finally said it clearly and passionately, that was the moment that started me on my path to where I am now –CEO and Founder of Back From Bali, an eCommerce fashion brand, that does multiple seven figures in annual revenue, and affords me the lifestyle and freedom I’ve always dreamed of.

Women- it is time to stand and shout, “I want money,” and not to cringe while you say it – not to be embarrassed, or deemed greedy. Creating your own money enables you to step into your feminine power, be independent, take care of your family and live your freedom. Money gives you real wealth- the ability to stand on your own feet and be the sovereign of your life.

Listen, I know it doesn’t sound so politically correct that I am asking you to stand up and shout I want money.   It could seem like you are a money hungry feign and on top of that – it certainly isn’t very lady like.  As a woman you are allowed to say “I NEED money” but certainly not I WANT money.  Women are expected to say they want to help, they want to give, they want to support their families, they want to change the world- they want to collaborate – not they want money!

But, if you do want more money, if you do want to earn more, you must become honest with your desire, and then have the courage to say it. Making this bold statement is what will get you on the path to achieving it. Being wishy washy, being uncertain, or pretending money is not that important, will also ensure your path of not achieving it.

Taking 100% responsibility for your feminine powers

The truth is many of us, still want to be taken care of, we still want to be saved, we still want and feel we deserve a comfortable life – hey we raised the kids and that wasn’t easy! I was guilty of this too. When I married my first husband back when I was in my 20’s. I remember saying to him “Promise me you are going to make $100,000 a year! ” It didn’t even dawn on me to promise myself to do the same!

I always worked but I felt my husband was the one who ideally should be pulling in the big bucks. In my mid 50’s I began to have strong stirrings inside of me of wanting to be more successful myself. I wanted to be able to buy with my husband our dream apartment, I wanted to have more financial freedom, I wanted to feel independent and that I could afford to take care of myself. And the biggest realization of all: If I wanted this, I had to take 100% responsibility to get it.

Like the princess in the tower waiting for prince charming to save her I realized I had been waiting to be saved. I was waiting, just like so many of us women do, for a man to save me and buy me what I wanted. I was waiting for something I wanted to change, but waiting for that change to happen was no longer an option for me.

Actually ladies, this isn’t an option for you either. It certainly didn’t work for Barbara Stanny, author of Sacred Success, as she tells the true story of handing her millions she inherited from her father, to her husband and watch it all disappear when he ran away with it. There are still way too many women who are married and still have no idea about their finances because their husband is taking care of it. There are countless, millions actually, of women who marry “wealthy” men and who disassociate with “their” money. They live in a nice house, have a card for their own purchases and their partner pays the bills and handles investments. But they do not actually “have” the money, nor do they know how to access it.

When you can stand on your own feet, and know that you can truly take care of yourself and your family it is a moment when we truly grow up and take 100% responsibility for our money, our relationships, our homes, our jobs, our businesses and our happiness. We no longer cover up our light and power, cover up our dreams and desires, in order to remain safe and comfortable. The truth is women are scared of their own power because becoming powerful means you can’t act like a little girl, you can’t hide from your true wants, and you can’t pretend you don’t understand things.

As Ali Brown, one of my most cherished mentors describes this awareness, “it’s time to put on your big girl panties.”

When you put on your big girl panties you step into true feminine power, you put economic control into your own hands. And we all know, when economic control is put into women’s hands, they contribute to the world in a positive way.

Creating money and wealth for yourself gives you freedom. It gives you the independence to know you can stand on your own feet. You can care for yourself and for those you love. With earning your own money you do not need someone else to make you feel safe – not a partner, not a husband, not a father. You can do this on your own. Having control of your own life is freedom – and it is freedom that you want. Freedom to define what is important to you, freedom to help others if that is your choice, freedom to live how you want.

You deserve that!

Leslie Kuster
Leslie Kuster

Leslie Kuster LCSW

Igniting and inspiring women entrepreneurs to financial and personal freedom, Leslie Kuster has a multiple seven-figure ecommerce clothing brand called Back From Bali, which offers women beautiful bohemian chic resort clothing, ethically made by women owned businesses in Bali - and which affords Leslie the freedom and lifestyle of her dreams.

Leslie encourages women to live their true freedom by creating a business that aligns with their deeper values and yearnings, and enables women to work in a way that brings ease and flow into their lives so they can live the life they really want.

With over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Leslie’s passion inspires women to pursue entrepreneurship in order for them to step into their independence, know their value, develop their feminine power, and earn the big bucks!

To find out how you can work with Leslie to start living your freedom contact her:

by email at [email protected]

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