Rossario George Re-Imagined: Luxury Fashion Wanderlust Collection on Plains, Trains and Automobiles with Tony Vincente

Rossario George, a luxury travel fashion brand located in the Jet City of Seattle, has been making airwaves in the fashion industry since its inception in 2018. With a focus on creating exquisite collections of ready-to-wear, couture, shoes and accessories Rossario George captured the hearts of discerning fashion-forward travellers and wanderlust enthusiasts worldwide. After keeping the world waiting with bated breath for the next big thing, the brand embarked on a new adventure in 2023, re-imagining the past, the future and everything in between.

Visionary founder, Tony Vincente is opening the gates into the wanderlust spirit to resonate with the evolving sophistication of today’s travellers, with the latest Fashion Luxury Collection on Plains, Trains and Automobiles.

The inspiration behind Rossario George’s new luxury fashion collection is deeply rooted in the founder’s passion for travel and appreciation for the grandeur of the world. Each collection is an ode to the golden age of travel when people dressed up for their journeys. While the brand acknowledges the desire for comfort in contemporary times, it seamlessly blends it with the elegance and sophistication of yesteryears. The creative process is finding inspiration at Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

What sets the new collection apart from the rest of the fashion landscape is having at its core Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Rossario George re-imagined its identity around these elements, making it a distinct and unique brand in the luxury fashion landscape. By centring on travel, luxury, and comfort, the brand aims to cater to the modern-day travellers who seek both style and convenience.

Focus: Sustainable Fashion and Ethical Practices

If any fashion brands are challenged by sustainability and ethical practices, at Rossario George, sustainability and ethical practices are not just an option but at the heart of everything they do. Rossario George partners only with suppliers and manufacturers who adhere to high ethical and environmental standards.

To minimize waste and reduces carbon footprint, excessive production was replaced with bespoke products and every creation is made with purpose and care. The brand’s 5-star rated beauty products are Vegan and Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certified, reflecting its commitment to ethical beauty standards.

Looking ahead to the next season, Rossario George has grand plans to showcase its collections worldwide. Discerning fashion enthusiasts and travellers can keep an eye out for the brand’s global events and fashion shows. This adventure starts at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA, where the first exclusive Runaway is hosted on September 30th.

Rossario George stands apart from its competitors with a fresh and exciting new direction that embraces wanderlust, ready to elevate your travel experience into a truly stylish affair. With style advice and guidance available, the brand prides itself on catering to the needs and desires of its clientele with a personalized touch. As you embark on your next trip, the latest fashion collections are designed to be your trusted companions, giving you the freedom to explore the world with confidence.

The brand embraces sustainable practices, further aligning with the values of conscious consumers seeking timeless luxury that embraces environmental responsibility. Rossario George is dedicated to making positive changes in the fashion industry, ensuring that every creation leaves a positive impact on the planet.

Rossario George Collections Re-Imagined with Excellence for Plains, Trains and Automobiles

A celebration of Rossario George’s heritage and the spirit of modern nomad, the new brand’s philosophy resonates with the evolving tastes of today’s travellers. A passionate explorer himself, the CEO and Designer, Tony Vincente tells us: “Our brand refresh is an exciting milestone for us. This refresh is the result of my unquenchable thirst to see the world. I guess it can’t be helped living in the jet city of Seattle,” said Tony Vincente with a smile.

He continued, “It also allows us to elevate our offerings and connect with a new generation of fashion enthusiasts while staying true to the essence of our brand. Our commitment to luxury, travel, and sustainability remains at the core of everything we do.”

The finest craftsmanship, the exquisite detailing, and bespoke designs originate in the desire to make you feel exceptional. Every piece tells a story of refined elegance and sophistication, crafted with unapologetic creativity, attention to detail and commitment to excellence. From the jet-setting nomad to the sophisticated cosmopolitan, there’s something for every discerning traveller.

Wanderlust Luxury Collection- a Passport to Elegance

As part of the refresh, Rossario George firmly believes that fashion and travel are a seamless fusion of self-expression and adventure. With the brand refresh, Rossario George has redefined the concept of elegance on the go, curating collections that celebrate the modern nomad, not just a passport to luxury but a passe-partout to cross the borders of your own limitations with confidence and grace.

The website has been refreshed to maximize the overall consumer experience, with more detailed product descriptions, enhanced product features, and more eye-catching visuals. Browsing through the collections and finding the perfect piece for any journey is now an exciting experience in itself.

Look out for the Elevated Journey Blog, a sanctuary for the wanderlust spirit, as the Rossario George’s team regularly share their authentic experiences with an ever growing loyal fan base. Readers can expect to become part of the story, true insiders who enjoy the most extraordinary imaginary travel experiences.

We are excited to welcome our loyal customers and newcomers alike into this new chapter of Rossario George,” said Tony Vincente. “With our brand refresh, we aim to captivate hearts, celebrate individuality, and inspire confidence in every person who adorns our creations. Our collections are not just clothes; they are an extension of your identity, an invitation to explore the world with elegance and grace.

With every creation, Rossario George continues to redefine luxury fashion, embracing the wanderlust spirit of every day digital nomad. We reached out to Tony Vincente to find out what drives him to challenge the status quo, forging a new path into the future and honouring the past.

Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company? 

Rossario George is a luxury travel fashion brand located in the Jet City of Seattle. Since 2018 we have created an exquisite collection of ready-to-wear, couture, shoes, and more. In 2023 we decided to undergo a refresh of the brand which embraces the spirit of modernity, aimed at resonating with the evolving tastes of today’s travellers and those who wanderlust on the daily, like myself. 

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new luxury fashion collection and the creative process that went into its development?

Our collections are based on my love of travel and the grandeur of the world. It’s also an ode to the way we traveled in the past when we had to dress up to travel,  taking into consideration today’s wants for comfort. In regards to the creative process, it involves lots of Roisin Murphy, sketching, and visits to Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

How does this new collection differentiate itself from your previous ones, and what unique elements or design signatures can customers expect to see?

Previous collections were based on my various loves of environment, metal and so much more. The new collections (current and future) are based on the three components of travel (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles). It is those components that make Rossario George as a brand and our collections unique. Everything we design going forward is around travel, luxury, and comfort.

Sustainability and ethical practices are becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry. How does your brand incorporate these values into the production process and sourcing of materials for this collection?

Since we started sustainability and ethics have been paramount for the brand. Our 5-star rated beauty is Vegan and Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certified, all our partners are fully vetted for how they treat employees and the environment, and we never order excessively (only the amounts clients specifically request). Protecting the planet and all of us who live on it is a responsibility I take very seriously.

What can we expect from your brand in the next season? 

Tony: We are planning to show our collections worldwide so stay tuned on where to see us. In the meantime, you don’t want to miss us at the Museum of Flight in Seattle WA on September 30th, where we will be showing pieces available now on our refreshed website. Lastly, clients and fans can continue to expect more travel-centric products (both garments and beauty) they both want and will need.

What differentiate your brand from your competitors and what do you want our readers to know about? 

What makes us different is that we embrace everyone’s wanderlust and provide products, styles, and advice to make that wanderlust not only easier but stylish. The last thing we want readers to know is to visit us across our social channels, our website, and more. We are your luxury travel best friend.

About Tony Vincente- Rossario George President & CEO

Tony Vincente, the visionary CEO and designer behind Rossario George, is not just a creator of luxury fashion; on a mission to create social impact, Tony is dressing up to lift up a new generation of discerning fashion enthusiasts who dare to travel in style. His passion for fashion is deeply rooted in his personal journey, where he triumphed over adversities to become a symbol of positivity and inspiration for others.

In his own words, Tony shares, “It is important to me because I want everyone to live their best life.” Looking back on his younger years, Tony faced numerous challenges that shaped his resolve to make a difference in the world. Dealing with obesity, being gay, and enduring relentless bullying in school left him feeling insignificant and unseen. However, these experiences served as lighthouse during these dark hours and build up Tony’s resilience and determination to become a source of inspiration and positivity.

“I swore I would always be a bright spot in the world,” Tony affirms. With the establishment of Rossario George, he has designed not just another brand but an entire new concept, a vault of creativity to fulfil that promise. Through his luxury fashion brand, Tony aims to create a lifestyle that everyone can enjoy and afford. For him, feeling your best should never come at the cost of financial hardship. There is no beauty in a world where self-expression through style becomes an unattainable luxury for many.

At the core of Tony’s philosophy there is a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Tony makes luxury accessible to all, irrespective of their backgrounds or financial means. By creating exquisite collections that cater to a wide range of tastes and occasions, Tony ensures that each creation becomes a statement of empowerment and confidence for those who wear it.

Beyond fashion, Tony’s aspirations extend to making a positive impact on society. He believes that fashion can be a powerful tool for positive change, and he leverages his brand’s influence to promote social causes close to his heart. Rossario George’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is just one facet of the brand’s larger mission to create a fairer society.

Through Rossario George, Tony Vincente has transformed his personal journey of resilience and triumph into a powerful force of hope and inspiration. With every stitch and every sketch, he seeks to instil a sense of self-worth and celebration of individuality in those who wear his creations. By dressing a new generation of discerning fashion enthusiasts who dare to travel in style, Tony is rewriting the rules of luxury fashion, making it more inclusive, attainable, and impactful.

As he continues to build a legacy that goes beyond aesthetics, Tony embodies the essence of a true fashion trailblazer—a visionary who uses fashion to illuminate lives, uplift spirits, and create lasting social impact. With Rossario George, he has set new standards of excellence for the fashion industry and the world at large proving that fashion can be a driving force for positive change and a means to ensure that everyone wearing Rossario George feels celebrated, and deserving to live their best life.

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