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What Money Can Buy, Stock Market, Future, Bonds And All That – Interview With Jasmine Birtles

What Jasmine Birtles thinks of Money Can Buy Stock Market Future Bonds
“Spread your bets” because there is nothing safe, no investment is fundamentally safe. So, the only way you can defend yourself and defend your money is to put some money into a number of different types of products, like cash savings accounts, shares, pensions, bonds, property, etcetera, because all of them work in different ways. If one product tanks, then you've got a few other products that you can fall back on. Oh, and my other mantra is about managing your money: “spend less than you earn and invest.”

Gems From The Stars And Astrological Insights With Ysanne July 2020

July sees the messenger planet, Mercury, in retrograde motion until 12th. Retrograde planets come just at the right time to suggest we pause. It is only the brain that overlooks the quality of pausing, and so our bodies and hearts remind us of this - sometimes even in the form of illnesses - to give us a needed pause. The world is experiencing a big pause now.