Kristina Savka on Your Signature Style- From ‘Dressing for Success’ to Self-Mastery 

Is 'dressing for success' enough? Kelly Kingston talks to Kristina Savka, Australian stylist, TV host, trainer for Rise to the Runway for Emerging Designers, about Your Signature Style- From ‘Dressing for Success’ all the way to Self-Mastery. 

The concept of ‘dressing for success’ has long been a benchmark for projecting a professional image and ambition in a woman’s career. However, in the evolving landscape of modern workplaces and shifting societal norms, a pertinent question arises:

Is ‘dressing for success’ enough?

The workplace landscape has transformed significantly over the years. Many companies have adopted more casual dress codes, embracing a relaxed, creative, and inclusive atmosphere. Start-ups and tech companies, for instance, often encourage employees to express their individuality through their clothing choices. The once ironclad link between formal attire and professional success has softened, if not altogether dissolved, in some industries.

While the idea of dressing for success has evolved, it is by no means obsolete. ‘Dressing for success’ today is more nuanced than in the past. It involves understanding the culture and expectations of the specific workplace while allowing room for individual expression and comfort. The key is to strike a balance between dressing appropriately for the environment and feeling confident in your appearance, managing your energy and magnetism in social interactions. 

In a recent interview with Kristina Savka, the charismatic Australian stylist, TV host, trainer for Rise to the Runway for Emerging Designers and speaker at It’s Time to Unmute, we discover her profound passion for women’s self confidence, taking them from dressing for success to self-mastery. Kristina, with her unwavering dedication, is on a mission to help women step into their unique personal brands and craft their own Signature Style, whether it’s for the professional world, the camera’s lens, or simply their everyday life.

She believes that one’s personal brand and style are key elements in achieving success, and her guidance and support are essential to emotional wellbeing. For Kristina, success transcends surface-level appearances; it involves the embrace of inner qualities, such as love, nurture, and compassion. She firmly maintains that authentic beauty originates internally and manifests itself externally. Her mission encourages women to assert control over their own beauty, liberating themselves from the limiting standards set by the media.

It’s worth noting that self-perception holds a significant influence on women’s emotional wellbeing. Statistics reveal that women who feel confident in their appearance and personal style often experience higher self-esteem, reduced stress levels and a healthy sense of self-worth. Kristina’s mission to help women step into their own personal brand,is not only for professional or camera appearances but also for their everyday lives.

Kristina explored the misconceptions some women are struggling with: comparing themselves with other women and the tendency to measure their own beauty against the flawless images of celebrities they see in glossy magazines. As a result, many girls and women often believe that they fall short of a certain standard of beauty. She firmly affirms that every woman possesses an unparalleled beauty that is entirely their own. Kristina passionately teaches women to celebrate their distinctiveness and discover their individuality through their personal style.

What are the steps to create your own sense of personal style that is authentic to you?

Our conversation with Kristina Savka has shed light on the crucial role that personal branding and a Signature Style play in women’s journey to success. Kristina often talks about a deep connection with your inner self as the foundation for authentic personal branding. By reflecting on essential questions like “Who am I?” and “What am I here to do?” women can identify their purpose and utilise it as a potent tool for communicating their distinctive message to the world – their Unique Signature Style. 

Discover Your Unique Style

Discovering your unique style is a captivating journey of self-expression, self-discovery, and authenticity. It’s a process that unveils the distinctive facets of your personality and allows you to reflect them through your fashion choices. While it may take time and exploration, one great method to embark on this creative voyage is by creating a mood board of all the things that resonate with you. I realise that discovering your unique style is a process and one great way to do this is to create a mood board of all the things you love.  You will start to see a synergy with all the things you choose and this will help you discover your personal style.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Considering your lifestyle is a cornerstone in the strategic construction of a wardrobe that not only suits your daily needs but also resonates with your personal style. Our lives are a complex blend of responsibilities, interests, and activities, and the way we dress should effortlessly align with this multifaceted reality. I know that some of us spend 80% of our time working, so considering lifestyle helps with planning a workable wardrobe that you will love to wear and reflects your unique style.

Wardrobe Detox

A wardrobe detox, often known as a closet cleanse or wardrobe declutter, is a transformative process that involves systematically reevaluating and reorganizing your clothing collection. It’s more than just a tidying-up session; it’s a deliberate effort to streamline your wardrobe, making it a reflection of your current style, values, and needs. I’m a firm believer that to develop your true sense of style, you have to first detox what is not working in your wardrobe and make room for what will work. It’s time to break old habits and create a new style.

Know your Assets and Flaws

Understanding your body and embracing both its assets and areas that you may consider as flaws is a pivotal step in achieving a confident and authentic sense of style. In the realm of fashion and personal image, this knowledge becomes a valuable tool for creating a wardrobe that truly reflects who you are. For everything you don’t like about your body there is a solution to minimise and downplay your flaws. This will highlight your assets and be able to show them off in your new style! Knowing your shape determines how to dress in the most flattering way.

Create Your Personal Look

Every great style is developed by creating your outfit as a ‘look’ rather than an outfit. People with a great sense of style have a strategy in getting dressed to create a specific look. Think about what image you want to project today. Pay attention to details that complete the whole look.  Wear your most flattering colours under your face.

Shop With Clarity

When shopping for your next item of clothing, shop with purpose and clarity. Have a philosophy. It’s an approach to shopping that helps you make thoughtful, purposeful choices. Shopping is about more than just acquiring clothing; it’s about empowerment and self-expression. Know what you are looking for. Know what assets you want to highlight and the flaws you want to minimise. Understand the right fabrics and cuts that will help you achieve your best look.

Love Being YOU!

For you to achieve your ultimate personal style, you must first and foremost love the person you are dressing—YOU. I mean all of it—the flaws and the features—all of it. A healthy mindset creates a style that others are drawn to. Simply because you are so comfortable in your own skin, the style you choose to wear is worn with ease and grace. Your style becomes you—and the clothing is the icing on the cake.

Stick this list on a board. Make it your next project to invest in yourself and create your unique style.

Is 'dressing for success' enough? Kelly Kingston talks to Kristina Savka, Australian stylist, TV host, trainer for Rise to the Runway for Emerging Designers, about Your Signature Style- From ‘Dressing for Success’ all the way to Self-Mastery. 

This conversation with Kristina Savka shows her passion to help women embrace self-mastery.

Kristina’s message is clear: every woman is beautiful! Celebrating your beauty is a matter of discovering yourself and rejecting societal beauty standards. As we’ve learned from Kristina, the path to success starts within: self-perception and emotional wellbeing are deeply connected. Kristina’s work is more important than ever. She helps women rewrite their own narratives, fostering confidence, self-expression, and a renewed sense of self.

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