How to Layer Your Outfit – Style Tips for Over 50’s

Do you envy people who seem to have mastered the art of layering? Have you seen pictures in magazines or seen somebody walking down the street looking stylish with all the different layers they are wearing?  Have you ever felt like you’d never be able to achieve that look?  You can.  With just a few basic tips to follow, you’ll soon be able to be the one turning heads with your fashionable layering.

Many people worry about layering, they think it’s complicated.  They worry that they’ll put on all those layers and that they’ll end up looking bulky and awkward.  Once you get the hang of it, it is actually really simple.  There are four simple rules you can follow when layering to always look your best.

4 Rules to Layering Your Outfit

  1. Every layer matters.  Each layer should be relevant.  You might end up taking off a layer or two when you get too warm and suddenly your second layer is now what everyone is seeing. The weather might take a turn and you add layers to keep warm.  Now your first three layers are hidden and your jacket is on display.  Everything you put on, everything you choose, should be able to stand on its own.
  1. Start with the thinnest fabric first.  The garment you wear for the first layer should be made of a thin, light material.  As you start building up, each layer after that can be a little heavier.
  1. Make sure your layers are easy to remove. You want to make sure that you can easily remove or add a layer as needed. You don’t want to have to struggle with buttons or closures all the time.  Consider garments that open in the front, ones that you can take off without having to pull them over your head and risk messing up your hair.
  1. Play a little.  Each layer is an opportunity to play with different lengths, colors, and textures.  Experiment a bit, try different combinations.

How to correctly Style each layer.

You’ll start with a base layer.  This is going to be the thinnest layer.  A t-shirt, simple camisole or a light shell.  

The second layer should also be fairly thin.  A linen-like shirt or a long sleeved t-shirt are good options for this second layer.  Look for something simple, loose and thin.

For the third layer, consider something that is open in the front. The further the layers get from the base, the easier they should be to remove.  If you get warm and need to take off this layer, you’ll want to be able to take it off with ease.

Layer number four is a good opportunity to add a bit of texture.  This is also a good layer for introducing various lengths by adding a longer cardigan or jacket.  Or you could go the opposite direction by choosing something similar to a ballerina cardigan that ends just under the bust.

The fifth layer is going to be a thicker, stiffer garment.  This may be the longest layer, something that goes over the top of all the other layers and skims over the top.

Finally, you can start adding accessories as a layer.  Adding a belt to cinch things in a bit while adding interest. Think of your jewelry as a layer too. Layer bangles up your arm.  Layer a statement necklace (or two or three).

Try adding a scarf as a layer too.  You can wear the scarf wrapped around your shoulders and tucked into the belt. You can wear it wrapped around your neck for warmth or loose for decoration.  If you get tired of wearing it, tie it onto your handbag for a bit of interest there.

It’s as simple as that, just keep layering and layering and layering until you feel it’s too much.

I hope this gets past your fear of layering and has also given you some inspiration along the way. Play with it, have fun, and experiment.

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Elinor Salter
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