Healing the Mind: The Interplay of Brain, Body, and Emotions

International energy healer, Douglas Ballard, delves into the profound impact of healing on the mind. Drawing from his extensive experience in treating anxiety, stress, and other ailments, Douglas sheds light on the transformative power of energy healing. Discover how mastering the mind can lead to a balanced, rejuvenated life.

Our minds are where it all happens.  Our brain is the control centre that monitors and controls all our body’s activities.  Our mind is where our conscious and unconscious processes take place.  In our ‘minds’, the conscious ‘computer-of-memories-and-experiences’ is often overruled by our more primitive, instinctive being that is driven primarily by survival and basic instincts.  This is why when, for example, we are late for an important meeting, our mind and bodies can go into a ‘fight or flight’ response with massive adrenalin surges. We feel like we are holding down panic in what simulates a survival situation as we focus all our energies on meeting the deadline. But it is not a survival matter, and yet, we put ourselves through this ‘survival’ process.  Repeatedly, again and again, in our complex world, we run these processes in our heads: How can I make ends meet financially? How can I make my relationship(s) better? How can I get recognition at work and why don’t they see my potential?

Our mind can override our brain, or our minds be overridden by our brain.  A well-known saying is that ‘it is important to master the mind and not let your mind master you’.  That is true, however for most of us this does not come easily, especially in difficult and very challenging circumstances. The intensity and grip of our situation may be such that it has built up for a long time unawares and we are locked-in subconsciously and consciously. We all need some stress in our lives say, just to get up in the morning and motivate our actions. However too much stress can easily become distress and it is then harder to see your way forward and we can lose hope and self-belief. Furthermore, our bodies and connections with all the people in our environment at home, social or work, will reflect our inner state of mind. 

Healing has a powerful effect on cooling the rivers of anxiety, allowing the mind to calm deeply.  People have said that after healing they feel very relaxed and self-assured in the way they felt as a child.  A sort of peace that comes with a world much less complex than now, not feeling overwhelmed, full of doubt and able to have a sense of balance and perspective. Healing is a natural energy-based process that works at a very profound level. It stimulates the brain, at a deep level releasing natural healing. At these deep levels of calm, the mind and body goes into restore-and-fix mode detoxing, not only physical waste, but also emotional and psychological ‘waste’ i.e. processing events and trying to resolve what the conscious mind cannot.  Deep calm though Universal Energy Healing helps the brain to go to the place where Gamma Waves (shown to be produced by the brain in deep meditation) and the release of endorphins – natural pain killers – are all part of the healing process.  The role of the Universal Energy Healer is to help channel and assist this healing process.  

Conversations with my colleagues who practice complementary medicine support this approach.  Cranial osteopaths are trained to recognise and manage the rhythms and ‘waves’ in which the body pulsates, the blockages, shifts and twists of these waves and how to guide them to their best possible rhythm.  My local GP recognises the value of acupuncture accepting that it ‘does help release endorphins’.  Energy Healing is a very natural way of restoring energy levels to the mind and body.  Energy Healing is not a replacement for other forms of healing. It is complementary and it works alongside conventional medicine. 

I treat many cancer patients who have undergone operations and chemotherapy to help them recover from the debilitating side-effects of the drugs and surgery.  The mind and body need all the help possible to recover from these traumas and cutting into the body, however beneficial, is still a trauma to our systems.  In the less obvious, anxiety and depression can build from anywhere in the past and become a massive present obstacle, one that is not obvious to people around us like a physical injury.  To all intents and purposes, people suffering from anxiety and depression can appear normal but yet be on the edge of coping.  I have had very positive results with people suffering from long-term debilitating illnesses like ME and depression changing the rhythm of their minds and bodies. Healing is not a miracle cure and can take time as it helps the mind to process. Using a common medical principle, we may take painkillers and anti-inflammatories after an operation or for an illness; they allow the body the space to heal itself and bring down the ‘pain cycle’ (inflammation causing pain, causing inflammation causing more pain).  The same happens with the mental/emotional pain cycle where our brain tries to find solutions to our anxieties, fears and worries. 

Pain is just a reflex of the control centre i.e. the brain, but what is the difference between the Brain and the Mind?  The brain is an amazing ‘directional control centre’.  If we have a number of ailments and injuries, as one of them gets better, suddenly another may really hurt and distress.  The brain prioritises the most urgent pain and suppresses the others. This works on emotional and psychological levels too, for example, we may have all sorts of issues at work and then a family member becomes seriously ill, the work emotions seem to almost disappear as they are moved to the background.  Our energy and attention shifts.  The skill of the Energy Healer is to help direct these mental, emotional and physical energies so that we can best deal with them.

Channelling a pure youthful energy is like pouring fresh water onto stagnant water that is static and muddy.  Gradually (and sometimes quickly) the water of our Life clears, we feel restored and in a very much better place to manage our lives.  

Douglas feels this is a real skill requiring many years of practice and experience.  Humans and our lives are complex and as we go about our day, we add more and more layers of things to do and think about.  We all need help and hands-on healing could achieve this for you.  

Healing is a joy to give and an amazing experience to receive. 

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Douglas Ballard
Douglas Ballard

Douglas Ballard (www.douglasballard.com) is an accomplished international Energy Healer. Douglas is down to earth and very approachable. Currently practicing in Belgravia, London, Douglas is well recognised for his success in treating anxiety, stress, exhaustion, immune-related illness, back, shoulder and post-operative pain. Clients nearly always experience a sense of calm, unwinding and relief on their path to wellbeing. Douglas’s Energy Healing touch works extremely well alongside conventional therapy, helping to mitigate and restore the harsh side-effects of drug treatment, surgery and radiotherapy.

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