Unpredictable Mood Swings-How to Recognise Narcissistic Rage

Ever wondered about those unpredictable mood swings that leave you feeling like you're walking on eggshells? In her first article from The Narcissism Exposed series, Charmaine Marie uncovers the pattens of a narcissist and how to recognize their rage.

Narcissists are known for their unpredictable mood swings. One moment they might be charming and charismatic, and the next, they could become angry and aggressive. They use these mood swings to manipulate and control those around them, keeping them on their toes and making them feel like they’re walking on eggshells!

Mood swings can occur in people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), but they are often in response to criticism or disappointment or depression which may lead them to uncomfortably confront their own vulnerability!

Fits of rage, insults, defamation, smear campaigns anything to regain control even fraud and abuse and abuse by proxy false accusations being stalked by them online and in person being framed as well but the truth comes out eventually one way or the other.

People with NPD require that others give them consistent admiration and positive feedback. When this doesn’t happen, it can elicit underlying feelings of shame that trigger an instant angry response and cause them to lash out without considering how it impacts the recipient. It is the narcissist’s thin skin and sensitivity that leads to this rage because of a deep-seated fear of being “found out” for not being the person they portray themselves to be!

Are you wondering if someone you know might be exhibiting signs of narcissistic rage?

Or are you somewhat aware that you may have this tendency yourself? If you’re not sure, take a look at this list of the signs and symptoms of narcissistic rage. While it might feel as though the attack is calculated, most often, narcissistic rage is reactive in nature.

An episode of narcissistic rage derives from a threat to a person’s sense of self and is characterized by intense anger. In a relationship, for example, this could manifest in physical or verbal abuse, manipulation, or passive-aggressive behavior.

Narcissistic rage is different from other forms of anger in that narcissistic rage is disproportionate to the perceived slight; it’s as though the person has a hair-trigger response. It’s completely out of proportion to what provoked it and often takes the other person by surprise.

Narcissistic rage can be active or passive with corresponding outward or inward signs of the problem. Below are the signs and symptoms to watch out for:

Outward Signs of Narcissism

  • Bouts of rage when not given the attention they feel deserve
  • Screaming and yelling
  • Angry or explosive outbursts
  • Intense anger
  • Sudden fits of anger
  • Becoming verbally or physically aggressive
  • Inability to control the rage
  • Intentionally trying to inflict pain (emotional or physical) on others

Inward Signs of Narcissism- Giving the silent treatment

  • Withdrawing or being aloof
  • Avoiding someone
  • Hidden resentment
  • Neglecting to do things
  • Using sarcasm to cut people down
  • Righteous indignation
  • A sense of entitlement
  • Becoming hostile or bitter
  • Cutting people off as a means to protect their self-esteem
  • Dissociation or feeling disconnected from reality

Narcissistic abuse is a type of emotional abuse where the abuser only cares about themselves and may use words and actions to manipulate their partner’s behavior and emotional state.

Narcissistic abuse has the potential to destroy the foundation of most people’s lives irreparably. It takes time and energy to heal from betrayal, heartbreak, gaslighting, and financial losses caused by an abusive partner. What’s more, you may have lost friends and family members along the way due to self-isolation. If you are struggling, it’s important to find ways to heal!

Charmaine Marie
Charmaine Marie

A compelling author, inspirational speaker and survivor, Charmaine hails from Kansas City, MO. Her journey began in the midst of a tumultuous environment, grappling with issues like addiction, abuse, and poverty within her family. Determined not to become another statistic, she dedicated her life to inspiring individuals to choose hope in the face of daily challenges. Today, Charmaine operates the Outreach Ministry called "Rainbows of Hope," offering support to mothers facing unexpected pregnancies.

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