Tips & Hacks on How to Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space at Home

We have all began to appreciate our gardens and outdoor spaces much more since the lockdowns first started in 2020 and with many of us having to work from home for long periods of time.

Being able to take routine breaks in your garden became a blessing we quickly became to be grateful for. This change of pace has inspired many of us into thinking how we could improve or enhance our outside space further.

Taking care of your outside space should be just as important to your quality of life when working remotely from home. What else is better than enjoying a nice green view out of your kitchen window or from your living room?

We have come up with some top tips on how you can make the most of your outdoor space at home this summer.

  1. Designate Areas for Different Activities: Just like in your indoor space, it can be useful to divide your outdoor space into different zones. This could be a dining area, a play area for children, a gardening spot, and a lounging space for relaxation.

  2. Invest in Comfortable Furniture: Comfortable, durable outdoor furniture can make your outdoor space feel more inviting. Look for furniture that is weather-resistant and fits with your style. You might consider a nice outdoor dining set, lounge chairs, or a hammock.

  3. Create a Garden Oasis: Whether it’s a full-fledged vegetable garden or a simple collection of potted plants, adding some greenery can really enhance your outdoor space. If space is limited, vertical gardens can be a great solution.

  4. Install Outdoor Lighting: Lighting can set the mood for your outdoor space. String lights, lanterns, or solar-powered path lights can create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

  5. Consider a Fire Pit or Outdoor Heater: These can be a great addition for cooler evenings. They provide warmth and create a cosy, social atmosphere.

  6. Create Shade: Consider installing a pergola, gazebo, or even a simple umbrella to provide some relief from the sun. This can help make your outdoor space usable even during the hottest parts of the day.

  7. Add a Water Feature: A small fountain or a birdbath can create a serene atmosphere. The sound of flowing water can be very relaxing and help mask noise from busy streets.

  8. Keep it Clean and Tidy: Regular maintenance of your outdoor space is key. Sweep or hose off your patio regularly, keep your garden tools organized, and make sure your furniture is clean. This will make your space more inviting and enjoyable to spend time in.

Remember, the goal is to create an outdoor space that feels like an extension of your home, and a place where you and your family love spending time. Enjoy the process of transforming your outdoor area into your personal oasis!

Build Yourself an Outhouse or an Outdoor Office Space

If you are lucky enough to have a larger size outdoor space at home, make the most out of it. Maybe you live in a hectic household with several noisy young children throughout the day and find it harder to concentrate when working from home. Why not build yourself a separate outdoor space in your back garden? This will be your own personal sanctuary in the garden, away from the noise in the main body of the house. To look a bit more into getting an outdoor office in your garden, check out a few ideas to transform your garden into a productive workspace.

Get Green Fingers this Summer

Now is a great time to get interested in taking up gardening. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner who doesn’t know the slightest bit about different types of plants and how to arrange and look after flowerbeds; it’s never too late for you to get green fingers and into your gardening at home.

We have all began to appreciate our gardens and outdoor spaces much more since the lockdowns first started in 2020 and with many of us having to work from home for long periods of time.

Check Out Allotments

If your garden at home isn’t big enough or you don’t have one, contact your local authority to put your name down on the waiting list for a plot at a local allotment near you. Taking care of an allotment is something which can quickly become one of your dearest hobbies that you will regret you didn’t manage to think of doing earlier. Allotments can also provide you with some precious valuable downtime and a relaxing break from your family or home life. They can be sociable places and a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends if you are feeling lonely or have recently moved to a community and want to be able to get to know people locally

Consider A Greenhouse

You may be interested in growing some more exotic types of fruits and vegetables which tend to thrive and grow best in warmer climates. In which case, you may want to look into buying a greenhouse to put in your garden space.

So, whether it’s getting stuck into doing gardening in your garden at home or joining a local allotment and getting your own plot, gardening is a fabulous hobby to take up this summer and is a very relaxing activity for the mind.

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