How to Brunch like a King

Learn how to start your day like royalty with our guide to creating a luxurious brunch that's not just a meal, but a grand lifestyle experience.

King Charles has a well-known appreciation for egg when it comes to his brunch choices. In 2020, Clarence House gained attention by revealing one of Charles’s beloved brunch recipes—cheesy baked eggs. Accompanied by a snapshot of the delectable eggs on Instagram, the caption read: “The Prince has graciously shared one of his cherished recipes, Cheesy Baked Eggs, a delightful creation using a variety of our exceptional British cheeses.”

Additionally, it has been disclosed in royal journalist Tina Brown’s book, “The Palace Papers,” that the monarch enjoys incorporating nuts and seeds into his morning meal, complemented by a comforting cup of tea. The book recounts an amusing incident during breakfast at Highgrove, where a guest, inspecting the buffet, discovered Charles’ preferred mound of Linseed when lifting a tureen.

Breakfast, often considered to be the most important meal of the day, sets the tone for what lies ahead. For those who wish to embrace the regal essence of their morning routine, indulging in a breakfast fit for a king is not just a culinary choice but a lifestyle. Here’s a bit of guidance on how to brunch like royalty and make the first meal of the day a truly majestic affair.

Newly intrigued by the idea of eating like a king? Let’s waltz through some tips for our first meal.

Indulge your Morning Healthy Beginnings

Begin your day with a spread of fresh fruits. Opt for a vibrant fruit salad or an artistically arranged fruit platter. The natural punch of flavors not only electrifies your taste buds but also equips you with a healthy head start.

Eggs, the centerpiece of many royal breakfasts, present a chance to add some luxurious twists to your meal. You might want to try your hand at Eggs Benedict or a fluffy omelette. What’s more, the wide versatility of eggs gives you a canvas for endless culinary artistry, promising a palatable commencement to your day.

Learn how to start your day like royalty with our guide to creating a luxurious brunch that's not just a meal, but a grand lifestyle experience.
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Pastry Paradise

A regal breakfast silhouette isn’t complete without a variety of pastries and freshly baked bread. Croissants, pain au chocolate, and Danish pastries lend a note of extravagance. Paired with a variety of artisan jams and preserves, your breakfast table mirrors a patisserie in Paris.

Nothing says ‘stately morning’ more than a collection of classic beverages. Choose between a cup of artisanal tea or freshly brewed coffee. Balance the richness of the meal with freshly squeezed juices or smoothies.

Seeds And Nuts: The Charismatic Starters

Greek yogurt with honey and nuts or a chia seed pudding provide balanced nourishment, making for a meal fit for a king.

Why not add dishes from different cultures? Mediterranean-inspired avocado toast or a Middle Eastern Shakshuka brings an adventurous charm to your royal breakfast.

Classic china, sophisticated flatware and fresh flowers make the table setting a majestic sight, enhancing the overall sense of indulgence.

Remember, a regal breakfast is more than just a meal—an experience, a lifestyle. By mixing and matching a variety of ingredients, textures, and cuisines, you can elevate your morning, making it a luxurious and regal affair filled with splendid surprises.

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