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Sarah Kopinsky

Sarah has extensive business and executive advising knowledge. She works on social innovation projects which focus on making tremendous social impact and lead healthcare change. Sarah has previously worked with leading higher education and healthcare organisations to make important tools and scientific information accessible to clinicians and the public to help in peoples (self)actualization and better meet its real needs. Sarah has an MSc in general psychology. She believes that people are innately high in plasticity because they are designed to evolve and develop the many parts of their lives and personalities which bother them, so that they can become more and more themselves. We are best off when dedicating most of our time and power on creating desired changes. Her favourite ancient Greek word is: Holos. It means everything is both whole and complete and simultaneously part of something bigger. It reminds her that there is purpose in everyone’s life and that we are not just shaped and created by life but are also its creators.