10 Key Shifts Driving Positive Change Into 2024 with Helen Müller

Have you noticed the incredible energy shifts and intensifying connections in our collective consciousness? It is hard to miss if you are sensitive to these things.

Though we cannot truly predict the future, we can align with certain energies as they are being experienced by us individually and as a collective.

You might have noticed patterns or consensus in what spiritual and other leaders post across different social media platforms.

From studying these, let us explore further:

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1 — Commitment to spiritual growth

Those who are prioritizing their spiritual development will notice profound shifts. We will experience turmoil inside as this growth is happening, yet reap the benefits as we shift into higher vibrations.

We will be faced with dealing with lower energies such as:

— manipulation
— being super goal-driven
— competitiveness
— anger
— force
— hostility
— greed
— materialism
— ego
— over-productivity
— worry and anxiety
— quick fixes
— shame, drama, and guilt
— fear

Those who choose to face the above-mentioned within themselves will shift to a co-creative timeline, with values of sharing and caring.

2 — End to understanding suffering

Much time over the past two years was devoted to understanding suffering within our lives.

Most of us had gone through trying times and experiences of losing loved ones, be it through their passing or through break-ups in romantic relationships.

Some had severe financial setbacks or a deterioration of their health.

In 2023 going into 2024 this suffering is being replaced by joy, inspired new learning, and togetherness in building a brighter future.

3 — Golden Age

We have entered the Golden Age where more people will realize their true power and create lives that are marked by this freedom and strength.

Fruits of the labor of spiritual communities’ thought leaders, and other institutions that have worked hard to uplift humanity over the past years, will come to show in no uncertain terms.

This will inspire others to also be brave in their endeavors.

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4 — Collaboration

We are evermore understanding the importance of overcoming crises and difficult times as a group.

We are feeling a renewal and a surge of hopefulness as we keep moving forward into the year. 

As awareness increases, we make choices and take decisive action towards our dreams, fulfilling our soul’s purpose.

Have you noticed the incredible energy shifts and intensifying connections in our collective consciousness? It is hard to miss if you are sensitive to these things.

5 — Turning inward

Many will continue to turn their lives upside down in a good way with 360-degree changes.

This will be the result of unexpressed creativity during former years.

Up to April of this year, we had taken from our past only what we need in order to move forward with vigor. This was the time to let go of what no longer served us and bring fresh new things, people and ideas to life.

As the year progresses you can continue to expect a re-birth of current relationships, businesses and health.

2023 is a year of introspection and we shall continue to integrate the conscious and sub-conscious, mental and spiritual as we move forward.

More information will come to light as awareness keeps increasing.

6 – New Earth energies

Thirteen new energies are brought online for those wanting to evolve on the path of spiritual evolution.

These energies are integrated with our DNA code and can be brought into alignment with DNA Upgrades.

7 — Living by our own principles

During challenging times upcoming, we will have the opportunity to anchor in our own self-truth and live by our own principles.

This will come forth in a deep connection and understanding of our spiritual and physical selves as one unit.

It will become increasingly evident who is on the path of ascension and who chooses to continue with the victim and entitled mentality in the matrix.

Ones who choose this path will fall into deeper depths of feeling stuck.

There can be no more tolerance for lower vibrations, conspiracy theories, and the like.

Inventions and innovations of light leaders will continue to come into the spotlight.

8 — Oneness and abundance

As we anchor in the timeline of unity and abundance we have the opportunity to experience a state of flow and true worthiness.

9 — Focus to stay in balance

What to focus on as preparation for 2024:

🌀Daily spiritual practice
🌀Staying connected to nature
🌀Breathing exercises
🌀Spiritual support from lightworkers
🌀Partaking in life-giving ceremonies
🌀Becoming aware of how we exercise our power
🌀Removing from our lives, that which drains our energy
🌀Becoming aware of thought- and other addictions
🌀Developing our imagination
🌀Having a good balance between being alone and connecting with others
🌀Not fighting relationships that end as we evolve

10 — Looking forward

Trauma and limiting beliefs were removed to make space for us to shine through our unique skills and talents. Share these gifts with others.

Be confident in your way and Source will assist you.

Focus on being service-oriented and selfless in your ways.

Our egos are in the process of dying and it is time to take ownership of our mission on earth.

Live in unity and no longer in your shadows.

No growth comes without intentional effort and growing pains, so be ready to face anger, frustration, and despair as you make the purposeful effort to keep on renewing yourself.

It will require from us to be brave!

Now more than ever it is important to take care of our emotional, physical, and mental health.

Psychic abilities will come with the discipline of the aforementioned.

People will continue to become fed up with systems and authorities lying and deceiving them and tolerance will be low.

As we feel that we have nothing to lose, we will become more prone to experimenting with new ideas and ways of living, also in our relationships.

In addition, we will learn how to evolve with as little pain as possible.


Those who have not done the inner work diligently will have a difficult time to come.

Others who have continuously put effort into their spiritual development will be greatly awarded.

In general, more people will come online to experience the shift in Gaia.

Practice patience and persistence and remember that the first step to enlightenment is to LIGHTEN UP.


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About Helen Müller

Helen Müller is Founder and Author of You, Me and Happiness – A methodology for fulfilment, Coach to Top Entrepreneurs and DNA Upgrade Specialist.

She has been featured numerous times for her breakthrough technique, DNA Upgrade whereby she removes mental blocks remotely over a call, helping one to become unstuck as well as to unlock hidden potential. This technique builds on the science Epigenetics made popular by Dr. Bruce Lipton, the father of Epigenetics.

She has a specific interest in increasing human intelligence to aid in the positive evolution of Artificial Intelligence.

From being a wildly intuitive teenager to world traveler, she became estranged from her family at at an early age. Rather than allowing this void to destroy her, she took it upon herself to search for the answer to true fulfilment/happiness and has since reunited with her family. 

She suffered from a severe 3 yr bout of anxiety and also failed at her first business “Equilibrium Minds”. Helen used her challenges to develop a coaching program using 5 natural bio hacks to enhance productivity and bring true inner fulfilment to her clients.

Upon her discovery of the answer to happiness, she created her first digital product and was introduced to top entrepreneurs Anik Singal and Willie Laney. This awakened a new purpose within, to “build a world of happiness for all”. Helen’s focus lies with entrepreneurs and leaders as she aims to increase their impact through DNA upgrades and natural bio hacks. 

She is currently engaged in her own research, building on the studies of Dr Bruce Lipton.

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Helen Müller
Helen Müller

Helen Müller is a DNA Upgrade Specialist and Fulfilment Coach to Top Entrepreneurs and Leaders. Her journey into Entrepreneurship started by selling biscuits on the family farm in South Africa and took off after being introduced to LURN Inc. and mentor, Willie Laney. Helen is Founder and Author of You, Me and Happiness and she enjoys a lifestyle of wildly intuitive traveling whilst remaining passionately involved in coaching Entrepreneurs and spreading Happiness all around. Featured in Yahoo Lifestyle and Medium, her unique ability to remove mental blocks in 15 minutes is giving her clients an accelerated growth incomparable.

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