Time for Women

Distinctive, always the same, yet different for each woman, this magical timepiece symbolizes femininity.


The Symbolism

Life Harmony Sprirituality

The sacred feminine is the creative power of each woman, the infinity loop which creates the eternal rebirth of life.  It links the masculine and the feminine, water and fire, moon and sun, sky and earth, for all eternity.


A Mirror to The Soul

Delance’s specialty is to offer women emotionally and esthetically personalized watches. Each watch tells her story, her dreams and her taste.

Visionary Creator

Created in 1996 by Giselle Rufer, Delance manufactures exclusive watches for women. Her dream is for Delance to become a silent mentor, a sign of recognition for women who want to take their destiny into their own hands.

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The Delance watch, time piece of excellence.

Only the finest materials, highest quality components, most experienced craftwomen have been chosen to produce this powerful feminine masterpiece.

Created by women for women.

The Watch Movement

The Delance watch is equipped with the reliable Swiss made ETA 976.001 quartz movement. This can also be upgraded with a mechanical Piguet 8.10 movement, which can be engraved and carved for extra personalisation.

The Watch Case

Uniquely curved, diamond-shape, carved from a single block of 18 carat gold or stainless steel, it requires 41 separate operations to reach the highest degree of perfection demanded by Delance for this Swiss luxury watch. Secured with a scratch-resistant cambered sapphire crystal and screw-in case back, this perfect watch is waterproof to 30 meters.

Make It Your Own

A DELANCE is recognizable at a glance. It comes in two basic sizes, either gold or steel, with a choice of 20 dials, 20 cabochons, a multitude of bracelets, and a large choice of precious stones.   The combinations are endless.