How to become a Game Changer: Reframe your story to manifest your new story

I attended, and participated as a speaker, in the 24-hour Game Changers Summit on Clubhouse, held over the period 15/16 September 2021.

I attended, and participated as a speaker, in the 24-hour Game Changers Summit on Clubhouse, held over the period 15/16 September 2021.

It was the 3rd in a series of monthly 24-hour summits, and certainly the most profound for me, possibly because the concept of being a Game Changer, is an unspoken set of two words (Game Changer), residing in my inner-being, all my life, without being verbalized. The first summit was on the topic of leadership and the second on self-leadership, which were also transformational experiences.

The Sage within me has always been aware of a universal force that exists. A creative force that determines our purpose in life, provided that we are awake enough to listen to the quiet voice patiently awaiting to manifest and so begin creating and co-creating. What I have come to realize is that whatever is created from our inner life force, a force beyond the dimensions of time and space, will by virtue of our incredibly unique self, always be game changing by virtue of, just that, which exists. In surrender to our existence, we open up the door to incredible creativity. The mind then does what is what designed for, to serve the creator within us, rather than the reverse. The mind is limited, whilst the creative force within us all, is unlimited.

I had the privilege of listening to over one hundred speakers, telling their game changer story, and it was my privilege, to listen to each of these unique, yet always profound messages.

It was also an honor for me to speak on the topic of digitization with the Real Estate sector, my area of expertise.

There is nothing as powerful, in my experience, as a group of people sharing, in a safe space, their journey of life and how the overcoming, the rising to becoming one’s own hero, manifests in a creativity which is best described as Game-Changing.

I listened inwardly to each of the speakers, as an active listener, in presence to the moment and summarize below the gifts received from all the amazing people that have through sharing their story, changed their story.

Reframing the Past

In the build up to the summit, each of the selected speakers was auditioned, from a perspective of telling their story and recognizing that in telling their story, their perception of their story changed.

The amazing speakers, reframed their past, emerged as victors, and in so doing explained how they live in the now, and approach the future without fear and an attitude of risk taking. Certainly not negligent risk taking, but rather the realization that in taking action there is the notion of risk. However, having recognized the illusion of a limiting past, so a brighter, braver future is conceivable. They dare to look into the future without the reservations of a limiting past.

In fact it was clear to me that many, including myself have discovered the pearl of wisdom, that any thought whether a thought relating to the past, or a thought relating to the future, immediately become a past thought, the moment after it has been thought. The question then is why even bother about thinking about the past of the future? Why not rather embrace conscious thought in the present moment, which by implication will result if right action. Why waste precious time and energy on past or future thoughts at all? They all become past thoughts in any event.

Right thought, and right action in the present moment is, surely, the only logical, and meaningful thing to do. Take for example me writing this article, I could be sitting thinking about the summit without taking action, yet I have chosen to write about it from my experience. I could equally have chosen to go for a walk, meditate, visit a friend or drink a cup of coffee….. None of which is wrong as long as it is what is required in the present moment.

By being present to the moment, we let go of limiting thought processes about the past or the future, and thus time and energy is focused in the now. This does require a release from societal misconceptions as to the benefits of forward planning or strategic thinking. I cannot think of any vision board, business plan or anything else that is intended to pave way to a better future, being inherently limiting by virtue of the fact that nothing can emerge that is greater than surrendering to our innate purpose. Our inner purpose which is limitless.

Our purpose in life, in my humble experience, is to merely experience ourselves and that in itself is a Game-Changing realization.

The purpose of any business plan, vision board or anything else of that nature is merely a starting point for meaningful engagement with self or others and nothing beyond that, since the moment that it is completed it will already need to change. Change is the only constant.

Moving beyond IQ and EQ

Game changers have transcended IQ and EQ concepts and risen to a position of SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) – listening carefully to the whisper of the inner teacher – the Sage within that goes beyond dimensions of time and other societal constructs – they recognize thoughts and emotions but are not controlled by them without permission.

Any IQ, EQ or SQ test conducted by one individual or group of individuals, on another person or group, is inherently flawed…… in that any test is limited by hypotheses. No matter how well researched, it will always lead to comparatives and opinion, none of which serve any purpose to the receiver of the outcome of the test. Whether one is categorized as a genius or not, emotionally mature or not, the question is, surely, so what? What are you doing about it? Even the concept of genius can in itself be a self-limiting belief in the sense that the receiver of the outcome could, for example, believe that due to their genius, nobody else understands them. And, so a continuous cycle of analytical thought or even a sense of being less than another could emerge. Having said this, I need to validate the fact many therapists, coaches and the likes, are evolving conscious interventions that can be absolutely incredible in terms of opening oneself, to the concept of the limitless self.

Being an “enlightened being,” at whatever level, on the other hand is limitless, authentic and a Creation given quality that is beyond measure. There is no scale to any degree of enlightenment, or consciousness. However for those who have experienced that “AHA” moment, will no doubt have realized that it comes from an indescribable place. These are the game-changers, those that are beyond societal conditioning and limitations. They don’t need to fit into the box because they live outside the box. Having said this, anyone who believes that they are enlightened is living the same illusion as a person that is reliving the past, or the future, without conscious awareness.

There is no point in being a ‘rebel without a cause’, it’s far more inspiring to being a ‘rebel with a cause’. A cause that in the highest possible sense is not really a cause any longer. Viktor Frankl for example was a rebel with a cause, he overcame the limitations of physical imprisonment through improvising even with the minimal of possible resources. Being a game changer has nothing to do with what sits in your bank account, but being a game changer will increase the probably of financial abundance. More importantly, game changers will know, and be prepare for, what to do with abundance, in any form when it arises.

How Game Changers see Life

“They see the future in abstract patterns and vibrations – rather than in limiting concrete forms – they believe that the Universe can never be Greater than the Master.” This is what I noted having listened to hundreds of game changer stories.

According to, Cheryl Cran, Founder of NextMapping, in an article (Predict The Future By Leveraging Patterns, October 6, 2019), she states that:

There is no crystal ball but there’s a secret that innovators know – you can predict the future by leveraging patterns.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

When you look at the evolution of your own personal life or your professional life you can see how patterns have influenced the life you are living right now.

The importance of pattern recognition is multi-layered – you can elevate pattern recognition for your own future planning. You can elevate pattern recognition for the innovation of existing products or services. You can elevate pattern recognition to steer strategic planning.

Innovators like Jobs or Musk or Oprah have been able to create cultural phenomena by leveraging patterns. Apple continues to be ahead of creating what we need before we know we need it by planning based on patterns of both technological innovation and trends in people’s usage of technology.

Musk saw the pattern of future energy along with global concern for the environment to lead to the creation of Tesla. Oprah, of course, had her talk show, then her production company and now her deal with Apple and Prince Harry to create content on mental well-being. She has always been in tune with where people are and she creates the future she envisions based on patterns of human behavior.

Some questions to consider to predict the future by leveraging patterns:

  • What are the patterns in my own life that led me to the life I have now?
  • What are the patterns in my learning that will create my future?

What are the patterns and trends happening in human behaviors that we can use to innovate our products and services?

Cheryl Cran, in her blog expands on what I have observed in the build up to, and during the Game Changer Summit and that is that game changers take a back-step, so to speak, and perform a macro-scan on the environment. They listen and observe, confirm that this resonates with the Sage within, and then take right action and merely through right thought and right action, coupled with blissful discipline, allow the patterns they see to manifest. Game Changers flow with rather than force situations.

Money as a means to an end

Game Changers see money as a means to an end and not an end to itself – it is the journey they love more than the destination.

In an article by Kevin Yeh, Koketso Ncube, Marizka Esterhuizen and Jo Hsu (Money is a means to an end) they state that “Money itself has no meaning. Wealth has no meaning if it is not used for the good of people. People have the natural desire to grow, to help, to have a good life, to look after our family, to help our friends, to be happy. Money should be used to enable, to realize all these good things.”

Once we understand that money is just a medium of transaction, and that money is a means to an end (objective), then we will not accumulate money for the sake of it.

“Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.” – Proverbs 13:11

Game Changers understand that money is merely one of the mechanisms to enable the exchange of energy. They value quality of relationship over money, and also recognize that quality of relationship inevitably results in a positive money-energy-flow.

Living in the Now

Game Changers have the ability to live in the moment and take action swiftly, and consistently.

Jamie Cavanaugh, in her article, “Taking Action Now, 2019,” states the following:

Our thoughts about a circumstance produce our feelings, our feelings cause our actions, and our actions ultimately produce the results in our lives.

Everything is in your control when it comes to your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts are what create your feelings. That’s why it’s so important to understand your thoughts.

So if your thoughts create your feelings then your feelings are very important because they drive all of your actions. Feelings are the fuel for your actions.

Confusion is an emotion that will keep you stuck. Have compassion for yourself, we all feel confusion at times. Don’t beat yourself up. Practice curiosity and fascination when it comes to understanding yourself better.

The mind likes to repeat patterns. There may be other underlying thoughts and feelings of fear of failure, not doing it right, self-criticism of your work. All of these play a part in why you’re not getting things done. These are thoughts and feelings that aren’t serving you well.

The byproduct of taking action is building more confidence, but it starts with developing the self-confidence and courage of honoring your commitments to yourself and having your own back. Do you believe in yourself?

I would take the concepts noted by Jamie Cavanaugh, one step further in my observation of Game Changers, and that is. Game Changers are able to observe their own emotions from a distance, thus giving them the ability to distance emotion from required action. The observer in this case being the inner Sage which operates independent of mindset or emotional state of being.

Who do Game Changers Surround themselves with?

They surround themselves with people who challenge them, in a positive manner, but who also support them with authentic intent.

Elita Torres, offers practical guidance in her article, “8 Questions To Ask Yourself About The People That You Surround Yourself With” (2016)

  • Who are you with when you laugh the most?
  • Who are you with when you learn the most? Who challenges you and asks you thought provoking questions?
  • Who are you with when you feel the most alive and boosts your energy levels?
  • Who shows up in your darkest hours? When things are tough, who doesn’t bail on you?
  • Who do you call when you are most proud? Someone who celebrates with you and wants you to succeed.
  • Who do you think of in your heart when I say “Awesome Friend.” Trust your gut with the answer.
  • Who asks you about your dreams and goals? Who follows up and remembers them?
  • Who brings out the best in you and helps bring out your natural talent? Who has the ability to bring out strengths in you that you didn’t even know you had?

Game Changers may appear inconsiderate to others who do not align with their personal needs, but have learned in their journey to set boundaries early. They are also clear that seldom does a specific significant other person fulfill all the above listed requirements. They thus choose who they spend time with, and when this meets their needs. Most importantly, Game Changers, serve these people with a servant heart and reciprocate in a mutually beneficial manner.

Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love

Game Changers practice Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love on a daily basis and have found their own path to manifest these noble Truths. They lead by serving and are thus served by leading in return – cooperation instead of competition. The outcome is that they see the genius in everyone else – because they mirror the genius in themselves.

Loren Toussaint and Philip H. Friedman, “Gratitude, and Well-Being: The Mediating Role of Affect and Beliefs,” state that Forgiveness and gratitude are positive psychological characteristics that are connected to well-being. This study examined these connections in an understudied population of psychotherapy outpatients and examined the extent to which affect and beliefs mediated these relationships. Results showed that forgiveness and gratitude were both positively and strongly associated with well-being and largely, though not completely, mediated by affect and belief.

Game Changers through my observations, practice gratitude and forgiveness, for themselves first, allowing this practice to emerge as self-love. Only then do they begin to manifest gratitude, love and forgiveness externally.


The Game Changer Summit hosted, on Clubhouse, gave myself, and other participants an incredible opportunity to immerse into how people from all parts of the globe, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, background and any other societal labels have managed to rise above limiting self-beliefs created by hurt, tragedy, social experience and otherwise have transcended above their story and become Game Changers.

The single common golden thread linking all the stories was the acknowledgement of a Higher Power, called by whatever name, which led to the ultimate escape from illusion into realization.

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