Karkadé: Maturing Like Fine Wine Cleopatra Style

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Act IV, Scene III of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar opens with preparations for a royal banquet. Cleopatra is anxious to be the first to drink from the new, beautiful golden goblets. Only the finest of wines (or will it be Karkadé?) will be served. She is doing the necessary work to take care of her beauty, health and longevity.

The author Lucan (born 39 C.E) wrote in Pharsalia; Dramatic Episodes of the Civil Wars about Caesar and Cleopatra wine. Lucan makes clear that authentic superior Roman wine was preferred to the local vintage: “no juice of Mareot grape But noble vintage of Falernian growth Which in few years in Meroe’s vats had foamed, (For such the clime) to ripeness.”

The ancient Egyptians were known for their love of wine, but it is said that they also brewed a healing drink called Karkadé. This drink became so popular in Cleopatra’s court that when she took over as ruler after Rome left Egypt alone again, one mission was to revive this lost tradition and bring back what had once been thriving before Roman rule came around.

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The oldest legend of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea says that Cleopatra chose this Karkadé after she was promised godlike wisdom, unmatched beauty, and unmatched power by God.

Benefits of including Karkadé in your diet

A sip of Karkadé is packed full of vitamins and minerals making it a safe and healthy addition to your everyday routine. Like all Cleopatra secretsKarkadé offers a wide range of benefits: 

  • Manages blood pressure and improves heart function
  • Rich in powerful antioxidants that help prevent disease and protect your cells from free radicals
  • Boosts and strengthens the defence of your immune system
  • Keeps cholesterol levels in check (and heart and blood vessels healthy)
  • High in Vitamin C which helps support hormone balancing
  • Removes toxins from the body and improves liver health

“Nature is so smart, it puts medicine in the food. Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body.” I drink a lot of healthy home-made natural juices, from Irish Moss to Green Spirulina to Cleopatra Karkadé, and love it, I’ve become one of its greatest devotees.

The Recipe Of Cleopatra

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Karkadé is a refreshing red beverage, made from dried hibiscus flower petals. Its name is derived from the word Karwash, which in Arabic it refers to a large area in Cairo and the Nile River in Ancient Egypt.

The red of the steeped flower petals give a taste as refreshing as a zesty red wine, as clean as a pure mountain spring, and as light as a Caribbean breeze. The ancient Cleopatra was wise in drinking this natural anti-ageing beauty treatment, you’ll look just as beautiful in your 50s, 60s, 40s, 30s, or even 80s.

Among the healthiest drinks in the world, suitable for all seasons, all times of the day, and all climates, and very easy to make:

Karkade Recipe

  1. Arrange flower petals in tea filters and place in a fridge jug
  2. Pour boiling water into the jug and keep refrigerated overnight
  3. Pour infusion into your cup
  4. Sweeten to taste with Manuka honey and enjoy Karkadé
  5. When finished discard tea filters and/or fill up again

Nourish your inner Cleopatra while activating your wisdom, unmatched beauty, and unmatched power from God when consuming Karkadé with this technique that will help you love yourself from the inside out.

Spiritual Touch

The Sacred Beauty Checklist focuses on practical beauty habits and enhances them with a spiritual foundation. You are a good and perfect gift from above (James 1:7). Before you drink your Karkadé, say this affirmation and prayer: “God, thank you for allowing me to become clean both inside and outside. Thank you for this Karkadé that makes me light, satiated, and rejuvenated. This Karkadé is a reminder that I am becoming more beautiful with each drink.”

In a world of sugary fruit juices and vitamin-enriched water, it’s refreshing to enrich your body, soul and mind with a pure health-boosting beverage. This one has been around for centuries, so you know you’re safe. It tastes great, has many health benefits, and gives your gorgeous looks great youthful preservation. 

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