Gems From The Stars And Astrological Insights With Ysanne- April 2020

are are the stars holding for you?

I am so happy to be writing to you and sharing my insights and forecasting on the wonderful connection between YOU and the wisdom of the stars and planets above. 

We are all interconnected – a vibrant web of energy – and timing is a very important part of being in health so as to avoid stress and the mismatching of ourselves with people, places and opportunities.

As we women have an instinctive link with the moon’s cycles and the flow of the tides within and outside of us, it is important to recognise the lunar as well as other planetary movements during the month.

The word moon is linked with mother, matter and month!

The moon is our outer home and our inner home. How well are you furnishing the latter at this time? Are you caring for it as well as your outer one?

 We have just experienced a full moon this week in Libra, which is ruled by Venus, the other feminine body in the pantheon of the planets above us.  It has been called a pink moon. Pink is the colour of love and compassion; indeed, we need plenty of that at present.

Softer skills are to the fore as we stay at home more and it is lovely to see more empathy, listening, crafts and caring emerging! 

 The journey we are on at a core level is expressed by the qualities and lessons of our star signs. The Sun travels through the 12 in its yearly journey – from the perspective of the Earth – and they are divided into seasons and elements.  It Starts with Aries at the spring equinox.

 We are all experiencing how and where we spend time in a very different way at present, so here are some nuggets of advice with a look at your personal star signs in the week ahead.

Fire Signs

ARIES:  Your need for action and spontaneity don’t sit easily with constraints but necessary constraints there are now.  Try to initiate new projects and ideas for the future.  Don’t look back but be in the moment and enliven conversations with sparks of enthusiastic plans.  Others look to you for ideas.

LEOYour need to shine and think big can be channelled into new colours and style in your home and dress. Don’t let standards slip. Your magnetism will make you Queen bee when you talk and appear on line. You will warm the atmosphere and people will miss your physical presence at this time.

SAGITTARIUS: You like space and room to grow. IF you can enjoy nature now really appreciate it and /or do an online course. You like to expand your knowledge so this is the time. The philosopher in you gets an airing and inspires others. Your mind is eager to explore. 


TAURUS: This is your time for settling in and establishing new values and commitments. Making those around you comfortable, whether at home or on line. will endear you to them. The artistic part of you emerges in this coming time. Have you been neglecting it? Crafts will appeal.

 VIRGO: You understand better than most about the need for hygiene, detail and helpfulness, so you come into your own now with those things. Time also to look after you more. There are things you left unfulfilled in the past- you can address them now.  Our immune system is paramount for avoiding viruses. Help others to find ways to strengthen theirs.

CAPRICORN: Your innate sense of responsibility can relax a little now. Even if you do not think so the prevailing atmosphere will slow you down and allow you to nurture yourself more and bring your dry humour on stage. People will see new sides of you. Taking a break from duty will suit you.   Above all keep things simple!


Gemini: Well, you lucky ladies have beautiful Venus in your sign. .…till August!  You may not be so much the social butterfly for a while, but there are other ways to engage with your heightened charm and way with words. Writing will come easily to you now and admirers are not far away.

 LIBRA: The full moon in Libra this week has strengthened your wish to balance your own needs and those of others. Partnerships of any kind are eye openers and you may feel like speaking your mind more. New agreements are in the planning and if you are open to receiving, people or a person will want to give to you. 

 AQUARIUS:  Mars in your sign now until mid May energises your drive and your more zany side. You can see humour in small things now and your inventiveness with ideas should be expressed on social media and the like.  Your vision for your own future expands and new   friendships mirror that.  Don’t feel alone – your higher self and intuition will be with you.


CANCER: the carer of the zodiac, whether at home or in business, be conscious of too much empathy and of absorbing peoples’ emotions. You do this at the best of times so be extra careful now of getting a little drained. Find a way whether through volunteering or with neighbours to do something practical where you can see a positive outcome.  

SCORPIO: Where are you going to place your passion now? Is it at home? Is it with a project? Researching into something or developing a specialised skill appeal. Try to avoid bottling things up. Dig deep into your inner  bank of resources and start something new. Don’t get stale.

PISCES: As the dreamer of the zodiac, take time to really honour those inner dreams and realm of imagination. Whether it be music, meditation or writing you can draw on a bigger source than you know of or have had time for in quite a while. Talent is surfacing! In a few months you will employ it successfully. 

 Keep Well and be kind to yourself and others! 

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